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You Must Take 100% Responsibility

As adults, we are 100% responsible for the circumstances and results we create in our lives. That means no longer blaming others or things outside our selves for where we are and what we've experienced. No longer being a "victim."

Accepting the idea that you are 100% responsible for the results you're experiencing in your life–and your business–can be hard. It took me a while to finally understand and accept. But once I did, it started changing everything for me.

On the one side of the sword is the idea that you were/are the creator of all the experiences (good and bad) that you have had in your life, so you can't blame anyone for your situation. That can bring on feelings of confusion, guilt, self-blame, denial, and defeat.

Yet on the other hand, it can bring on a sense of release, empowerment, and optimism because you realize that you DO have control over what is manifesting in your life now and forever. If you think about it, wouldn't you feel very hopeless if you were totally reliant on unpredictable  circumstances or irresponsible or uncaring people to be able to get what you want in life? Or a fickle or judgmental deity (God/Spirit/the Universe/etc.)?

Of course it would.

But if you can accept the idea that you are the instigator and controller of your situations (by drawing certain experiences/people to you or by responding to situations or people in a certain way), you gain the power to learn from your past and create different responses and results in your future.

I cannot stress enough how important accepting and operating off of this concept is in relation to your ability to create the successful business you want. However, this is not about blame or judgment or lack of empathy and compassion.

Many people have experienced some very difficult and heart-wrenching situations in their lives, from as far back as very young children. But realize that they are over and you survived them. Now it's time to release them.

Once you get to the age where you are able to take care of yourself, change your environment, and choose who you hang around with, that is the point you must take control and 100% responsibility for creating your future circumstances, without falling prey to the pacifist and defeatist idea that you are a victim.

There are no victims, only volunteers. Although at first glance this might seem to be callous and uncaring, when we recognize that once we turn 18 and have the ability to leave/change the situation we may have been born into, we then gain the freedom to leave the mental "garbage" and training behind and build a life and beliefs that seem more compatible to what we want to experience. We start operating by CHOICE, rather than chance or default.

It's like taking over the rudder of a wandering sailboat to direct it to the destination of your choice. But if you play victim to the wind and currents, refusing to acknowledge that the rudder exists or that you can grab and direct the rudder (or the sail), you will be tossed about on the ocean of life, landing on some unknown shores or torn and tattered by the seas.

So, I ask you this:

* How will you be willing to now accept and act in regard to this paradigm shift?

* Where are you willing to acknowledge your part in creating or tolerating less than ideal situations?

* What can you DO differently, starting today, to change how you respond to and attract the situations in your life to better reflect what you WANT!

Be reflective and take time to actually answer and write down your responses to these questions. Then go out and do things in a way that operates off of this principle and "truth," and see what greater good you can create in your life and business. Tell me about them and share your wins with our MMM blog readers.

p.s.–If you have difficulty accepting the concept that you are 100% responsible for where you are in your life and your business (and how living from that belief creates freedom), contact me. I can help!

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Your partner in success,

Lisa Smith
Marketing, Mindset & Manifesting Coach


  1. THANK YOU! That was JUST what I needed to hear! I can't tell you how many times I've let opportunities pass me by because of FEAR! I've learned and am still learning to say YES to the opportunity and push through my fear. For example, in February 2011 I had the opportunity to go to Japan for 2 weeks for dance. My initial thought was Oh I can't go, I have work but thanks to people like you and the work I've done, I was able to say YES, and because of it I had the most amazing 2 week experience of my life!!! THANK YOU for the post and the reminder that when the Universe knocks, you better say YES! LOVE YOU!!!!! xo Danelle

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