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Why Making Mistakes Is Sexy

People are so trained early on that making mistakes is “bad” or “wrong” and something to be avoided. They’re either scolded (or even hit) by an adult if they did something that was different than that adult thought was right, or were teased by a sibling or peer for their action.

Think about it—when did you ever hear, “Hey, you did it totally wrong—good for you!”?

Sadly, the idea that people will reject us or not think well of us–or even hurt us–if we don’t do things “perfectly” is one of the biggest killers of success.

But what would happen if you could begin to think about mistakes as “Sexy” instead?

I used to be plagued with the fear of doing things “imperfectly.” A lot of my early experiences led me to the conclusion that if I answered a problem wrong or did something that didn’t turn out as someone else said it was supposed to that I was yelled at, teased, or given a bad grade.

This led to a lot of stress and unhappiness in my life, as I was constantly working so hard to “get things just right” or hide in shame and embarrassment if I didn’t meet someone’s expectation. It also stunted my willingness to be flexible and take risks, and to be my true self around people.

As a mindset coach, I have come to realize that most people have this belief, at least to some extent. Through various techniques, I’ve helped hundreds of clients—as well as myself—to lessen or eliminate this belief so they can feel free to be more of their authentic selves, try new things, achieve their goals more quickly, and reduce the stress that comes with working long and hard to “get it right the first time.”

“You must be the student before you can become the master.” 
"Anything worth doing well is worth doing poorly at first.”

The REAL TRUTH is that mistakes are a necessary—and predictable—part of learning creating, and growing. Life is a series of experiments. No one can get everything right 100% of the time they first attempt something. And thank God for that!

Unpredictability gives us the opportunity for “surprises.” How boring life would be if we could accurately predict everything that was going to happen.

Spontaneity would be lost. Creativity would be lost. We would fail to see the possibility in the outcome that didn’t “match” the outcome we were trying to create and just toss it aside (recall how many great inventions came about as the result of a “botched experiment”).

“Shoot the arrow and call what you hit the target.”

So I’d like everyone who reads this article to start a revolution that will change the way we think about and respond to our own and others’ “mistakes.” Let’s begin to label them as “sexy” instead of “bad.”

After all, new ideas are SEXY.

New inventions are SEXY.

Unpredictability is SEXY.

Spontaneity is SEXY.

People who forge a new path are SEXY.

Creativity is SEXY.

Learning is SEXY.

Growth and maturity is SEXY.

Success is SEXY.

Getting back up and continuing on after a “fall” is SEXY.

Risking and winning is SEXY.

And none of these things is possible without the willingness to try something different and be accepting with whatever shows up, even if it’s not what was expected.

So, my question to you now is: How are YOU willing to BE SEXY today? Tell us in the comments section below.


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Your partner in success,

Lisa Smith
Marketing, Mindset & Manifesting Coach

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