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When You Can’t Come Up with a Topic for Your Blog or Newsletter

It’s the night before your blog or newsletter is due to go out and your mind is drawing a blank. You can’t think of anything to write. Or what comes to your mind is uninspiring.

What to do? Skip it and hope no one will notice? That might be okay if you have a small list or one with a very low open rate. Or you don’t mind being out of integrity with your commitment to your business and your readers.

But what if you are committed to writing something helpful or making sure your readers know they can count on you, or staying in alignment with your commitments to you business?

Here are a few ideas that have helped me. 

When faced with a blank page and a blank mind, here are three things that can spark your creative juices

1. Write a revision or update of an older post. Maybe there is some new information you have found out since you wrote an older post. Maybe you have a different opinion about the topic than back then. Perhaps there are additional resources you could add to make it even better. You could edit the information throughout and make it like a new post/article, or summarize the previous version then add your update or new take after the summary Or you could make it into a series and expand deeper on various short points you made in the original writing. Here’s an example of how I’ve done this. This post originally had 6 ideas,and I added two, plus some additional resources within some of the previous tips. It has also become a standard link I send to people who are considering working with me to help grow their business but say they don’t have the money to do so).

2. Write about a recent client/customer issue and how you helped them/handled it. This would not only be helpful to your audience (if faced with same thing), it also demonstrates your skill/ability in your field or as a business owner. Here’s an example of how I’ve done this.

3. Comment on someone else’s post or newsletter topic you read and tag them or email it to them. You can agree and add your own example(s) that relate to it. Or show a different viewpoint on it and where that viewpoint is coming from (be respectful, not argumentative, and write in a way that emphasizes this is your OPINION, not a fact). You can add your own spin on it from the perspective of your experience industry. Or summarize and add your own additional information or resources. I even ask my readers at the end of every blog to go ahead and do that.

Make sure to give the writer credit for the original post/article and a link to where readers can see it in its original form. Whenever possible, also tag the writer (on Facebook, Twitter, etc.) or send them an email with the link to your version. Most people will find it a compliment and benefit to be recognized, reposted and tagged for additional exposure (as long as you are not confrontational in what you wrote or plagiarize their work). Here’s an example of how I’ve done this. My commentary is at the end of the writer’s post.


1. Jot down some ideas that have come to you as you read this post, about some future writings and schedule a time to write them–either as part of your current posting schedule or to have “in your back pocket” when you need something in a hurry.

2. Keep a small notebook handy (I keep one on my office desk but you could also carry one with you) to jot down ideas as they come. I guarantee you have fleeting ideas that pass through your mind when you have a conversation with a client or colleague, you read a blog post or article, you see something on the news or hear it on the radio, etc., that are sparks of an idea for something to write about that would be relevant to your readers. Pull it out when “writer’s block” hits and “wallah”–instant inspiration!

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Did you like this post? Did you get something helpful from it? Did you take some action that lead to a good result for you? Do you disagree or have something to add? Please leave a comment below to share with others.

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