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What's Your "Big Why"?

Tony Robbins said, "You can do anything if you have a big enough Why."

What is the really big "why" of your business? Why you're running your own business. If you know that, you'll have the ammunition that will allow you to keep going even when the going gets tough. Are you really clear on your "why"? If not, read on for help on getting clear.

I've found that big why's are driven either by NEED or by PASSION:

1. Security. To have a feeling of financial or emotional security. Either because you're currently in a situation where you don't have it, or because you had a strong feeling of not having it in the past and you will do anything to avoid it again.

2. Freedom. This can sometimes be related to finances, but is usually emotional. Feeling trapped or restricted is something the person is experiencing that they want to move as far away from as quickly as possible.

3. A cause or mission. This could be something personal and on a small scale (like to prove to your dad that he was wrong that you'd never amount to anything or to retire by the age of 50). Or it could be global (like to change the way Americans eat or start a world-wide movement to share your transformation/healing modality and help more people).

As I've mentioned in other blog posts, being in business for yourself is not an easy task. And it's not for those who don't have resiliency or faith. When fear sets in about any tasks you have to do, having a sales conversation or follow-up call with a prospect, or about "making it" in general, refocusing on your Big Why and wrapping yourself up in the emotional aspects of achieving it will help you do what you need to do and continue to forge ahead so you can achieve the next milestone in your business and live your Why.


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Lisa Smith
Marketing, Mindset & Manifesting Coach

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