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smoking pot

What common business activity lowers IQ more than smoking pot?

According to a study by the Institute of Psychiatry at the University of London, this common habit temporarily reduces your IQ by 10 points. 

Women pride themselves on doing it–and being better than men at it. 

Most fool themselves into thinking it make them more efficient.

I am guilty of doing it, and I would be willing to bet a pretty penny that YOU are guilty of it, too.

What IS this all-too-common brain function-reducing activity?


Researchers studied 1,100 workers at a British company and found that multitasking–specifically, with electronic media–caused a greater decrease in IQ than smoking pot or losing a night's sleep.

And that's just one of many studies showing the negative effects of multitasking.

More accurately, though, people don't really multitask, they just jump sequentially from task to task and perform each one less effectively than if they had focused on and completed the tasks one at a time. 

I wrote a post about this a while back titled, "Multi-Tasking is the Enemy of Excellence." You can read it here for more insight and suggestions on how to stop (well, at least curb) your multi-tasking habit.

Distraction and lack of focused attention–often a symptom of multi-tasking–can really waylay your plans for getting important, money-generating tasks completed–like marketing acitivities, lead and opportunity follow-up, long-range planning, and strategic project implementation.

Creating dedicated, focused time to brainstorm, plan, and actually CALENDAR activities to get new customers/clients and grow your business is CRUCIAL to the success of your business–whether your business is part time or full time, home-based or office-based, service-oriented or product-oriented, a one-person operation or a small business employing several or more people.

That's why I created the Biz Goals and Marketing Planning LOCKDOWN.

It's an opportunity for business owners, entrepreneurs, and independent sales professionals to lock yourself in a room with other serious and committed biz owners for 4 dedicated and focused hours and GET @#%! DONE!

  • If your First Quarter 2014 revenues were disappointing…
  • If you are COMMITTED to increasing your client base and income for the remainder of the year…
  • If your 2014 marketing calendar is still looking kind of bare–or non-existent…
  • If you need some quiet, undistracted time, structure, guidance, resources, accountability & group brainstorming to help you map out ideas and activities for growing your business for the next 3 quarters…

Then this LOCKDOWN is just what you need!

With a little help from me and other dedicated, driven & resourceful business owners, you can walk away with a good plan and actionable activities on your calendar that you can get excited about implementing!

Get the full scoop and register by April 7 for early-bird pricing at

I look forward to seeing you there and helping you make your second quarter and beyond even more strategic and profitable!

Your partner in success,

Lisa Smith
Marketing, Mindset & Manifesting Coach


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