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What Can the Olympics Teach You About Marketing?

Did you watch any of the Summer Olympics from Great Britain? It was very exciting to watch the competitors, hear their stories, and learn some more history of the country. I've been to GB a couple of times and it was nice to reminisce about my travels there.

I was very impressed with the facilities they had or built to host all the variety of competitions that were represented, the creativity of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, and the seemless execution of all the details that made it come together into a spectacular experience for the Olympians and the viewers.

When Great Britain decided to put its bid in to be the host nation for the 2012 Olympic Games, they had to prove to the selection committee that they had what it took to get the job done. In essence, they had to promote or market themselves to be "hired." You can learn a lot about marketing your own business from this example.

The process Great Britain had to go through was probably something like this:

1. Learn what the committee needed/wanted
2. Demonstrate that they understood those needs/wants
3. Promote their uniqueness from the others vying for the spot
4. Show their capability to deliver the solution
5. Present plans on how they would pull it off
6. Create a vision and build excitement
7. Convey that they would serve the world in creating the best experience possible

These are all elements you must think about and present to your potential clients about your work and how it will serve them.

1. First, do your research to make sure you know what your target market needs and wants. Don't assume you know what that is–ASK THEM. Remember the needs & wants/pains & challenges exercise I explained in my free audio, "The 3 Keys You Must Master to Get More Clients…" This is the foundation research that MUST be done at the very beginning of starting your business (and should be conducted again at various points throughout your business growth). If you haven't listened to the audio and done that clarification exercise, you are setting yourself up for a struggle (get the download here and listen to my explanation, then do the exercise). 

2. Gain rapport by helping them see that you understand them. Use their language. Touch upon their pain points. Tell your own personal story of struggle and resolution. Make sure they can feel that you know what they're going through.

3. They may be considering other resources or businesses for helping them (or continuing to "try harder" on their own). Help them realize how/why you are different and better than those other options. Be yourself–claim your USP (unique selling proposition).

4. Build confidence and trust that you are an expert at helping people overcome the pain they are experiencing and getting people just like them what they want. Tell your own story of success (if applicable), share your background, training, experience, success stories. Create excitement about bringing them from where they are to where they want to be; let them imagine the possibilities.

5. Give them a blueprint of how you plan to do that. Some people want more of that, some don't need much. But let them know what the steps are that you'll guide them through and the resources you will provide them with that they don't have now (or are not cosistently using) and how you will help them implement. Caution: Do not lead with your "how"–present it in this order.

6. Through each of these steps you are helping to create a vision for the possibilities of change and success, but make sure to really drive it home at this point. Remind them of the benefits of making the change and engage their senses to build emotion about having it (what it's going to look like, feel like, sound like).

7. Finally, commit to being of highest service to them along the way (especially when the road gets rough).

Whether you're writing marketing copy or speaking with an individual or group of your ideal clients, make sure all these elements are present and you will be setting yourself up for being hired to help someone create their "Olympic Experience."

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Your partner in success,

Lisa Smith
Marketing, Mindset & Manifesting Coach

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