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Using Bitly to Shorten and Track URLs for Your List-Building Efforts (Video Blog)

bitly trackingI’ve been posting recently about list-building strategies and resources to help you find your ideal clients,marketing consistently and¬†to¬†authentically to them by giving them valuable information through a newsletter or regular emails, and continue to give them calls to action for purchasing products or services from ¬†you.

This weekend I was helping a client who is just getting started with her health coaching business and promoting it on line to be able to use her IFO (Irresistible Free Offer) to find leads that would be ideal clients to help get over their Sugar Addiction.

Since she is a novice when it comes to technology, I was thinking of a way to simply help her track the results of her promotional efforts of her free offer, The Sugar Buster Kit. She can do this from her google analytics in the back end of her website or through the click report in her autoresponder program, but these are a little more complicated.

So I came¬†up with the idea of using the click-tracking capabilities of bitly.com–with the added¬†benefit of having a shortened URL for postings–as a more simplified method of tracking and analysis.

Here’s a 10-minute instructional video I created to explain this tactic and show you exactly how to do it for yourself very easily.

Hope this was helpful. Post any comments or questions below. And for more quick tips to help you grow your small business, check out the free 5-minute audios (and free gifts) from over 25 experts in the online Biz Building Expo. (Yes, I created a bitly url to track clicks for this event!)


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