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These Facebook Etiquette Faux Pas Could Kill Your Business

Facebook is a great way to announce your products and services, and find leads, referral partners, and joint venture partners for your business. But don't forget your "offline etiquette" when interacting with people online.

Conducting yourself professionally on line is crucial to your business and personal reputation and people's response to the ways you try to reach out. Read some of tips my here to help you make the best impression that will leed ot beneficial partnerships and ideal clients.

1. Picture Ettiquette

Have a professional head shot for your profile picture on your personal profile page. Don't make the mistake of having something that looks like you don't take care of yourself, or worse yet–that shows you as a party girl/guy. 

Likewise for pictures that are posted on your page. If you use your personal page for business contacts as well as friends, make sure to monitor pictures that may be posted of you and untag ones that do not reflect the professional image you want to convey. Having some "laid back" or travel pictures, however, can be good for business by showing people the "friendly" or successful side of you.

2. Friend Requests Etiquette

If you are sending a friend request to someone, don't just click the "Add friend" button. Also send them a message to introduce yourself and tell them how you found them and why you would like to connect as Friends on FB.

I get many Friend requests every week from people I don't know, and I don't just hit "accept." Because I'm using Facebook strategically for building my business, I want to know something about the person so I can:

1) decide if I want to get to know them (I'm for quality, not quantity, and like to know them as a person, not a name)

2) know which of my lists to put them under (to better follow, manage, and communicate with them),

3) have at least a brief online conversation with them, and

4) determine if they are someone I can do business with as a client, service provider, or JV partner.

This is how you want to use Facebook, too. It's not about adding lots of unknown strangers to your contacts list to never interact with or annoy by sending event invitations to them or sending them links to whatever products or services you've got.

And if you really want to come across professionally, you should afford that person the same ability. Don't make them go searching to find out who you are or have to contact YOU about why you want to Friend them or why they would want to get to know you. Make an introduction–just like you would if you met someone in person at a networking event or a party (vs. just going up to them and saying, "Hi, I'm Lisa–will you be my friend?")

3. Mailing List Ettiquette–Do not add them to your database without their permission

Just because someone accepts your friend request on Facebook, it doesn't mean that they want to be on your email list. That's SPAMMING! Not only is it annoying and unprofessional, it's illegal! So never never do it. Always ask.

If you do ask them if they'd like to receive your newsletter or blog updates, make sure that you do so by first relaying to them the value and relevancy (for them) of being on your list. Ideally, have something "irresistible" or "high value" to give them as an incentive to be added to your list (like the "Irresistible Free Offer" you have on your website to capture visitors' emails).

Also let them know that they can unsubscribe any time (no hurt feelings) if they feel the content is not highly valuable to them by following the simple one-click unsubscribe link provided in all your newsletters or emails. (Make sure your autoresponder system has this feature and that it is easy to find).

Those are my top 3 business-killing facebook ettiquette mistakes. If you've been guilty of them, forgive yourself for not knowing better (or knowing better but doing it anyway), and "sin no more."

Do you have some others to share? Please post them in the comments box below. (And remember, there are 3 benefits to sharing in the comment box: 1) people get to see your website link and might be interested to click on it–giving you traffic; 2) it creates a quality link-back–giving you more status with search engine algorithms that get you traffic; 3) people get to see how helpful and intelligent you are so they might want to Friend you!)

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Your partner in success,

Lisa Smith
Marketing, Mindset & Manifesting Coach

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