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There is no lack of noise out there (books, blogs, newsletters, videos, internet, social media, teleseminars/webinars/ telesummits) touting the latest and greatest ways to achieve our goals (or that refer back to “old fashioned” or tried-and-true methods). 

Yet ALL of them (unless they refer to the principle I teach here) are still either biased to one technique/tool/methodology, over-complicated, or bandwagon/flash-in-the-pan ideas. What I am presenting here is the bare-bones, stripped down, undeniable, fact-not-opinion TRUTH (few things can really be called that) about what ANY one, ANY time, in ANY situation, past/present/future needs to succeed in ANY endeavor.

What is this Simple Secret to Success?

"Success is 20% strategy and 80% psychology”

Or as I like to put it, success is 20% skillset and 80% mindset.


Ah yes, the Pareto Principle at work again. 


Everything I have learned and proven to be born out (through experience AND science), everything I teach and all the tools/techniques that I use with people–no matter what their goals/issues are–tie back to this simple principle, which contains two important ideas:


1. There is both a practical and a psychological element necessary to employ in any endeavor (or make any change) and


2. The exponentially more important element is of the two is the psychology (what's going on in your head)


***You've got to know what to do (have the skillset) and you've got to DO IT (implementation).***


The know-how can be attained through various means—others' experience (which you can access through their dissemination in various forms—like this blog) as well as your own experience (trial and error). The know-how is important, and the more you can partake of others' experience to shorten your path or learning curve (so you're not starting completely from scratch), the better.


But I find that people place all (or too much) emphasis on this element and too little on the real lynchpin.


I can irrefutably PROVE that people's challenges in getting what they want come less from not knowing WHAT to do and more from not actually DOING IT. And THAT is all because of the negative things going on in their head. Fears, doubts, perceptions, values, stories, conditioned programs, beliefs, etc. influence us all—both consciously and unconsciously. 


This is really the cornerstone of all that I teach and why I can help people who have taken all kinds of training but it still hasn't gotten them what they hoped because they either didn't implement what they learned or had access to, or gave up the implementation along the way.


If you REALLY want to achieve your goals and not just talk about them or hope they'll be achieved or keep feeling frustrated with them staying on the horizon and never getting closer (or living them), focus daily and purposefully on these two keys and in the proportion that I emphasize here. 



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Are you ready to work with someone who can help you better understand, learn, implement, and perfect BOTH the proper skillset and the proper mindset to achieve your desired success in business (and life)? If YES, apply for a free business strategy session with me now. Schedule a FREE Strategy Session with me 
to identify what beliefs and ideas are holding you back and learn how to create change more quickly, easily and permanently through the power of your mind. (Remember, if you don't reach out for help, you'll stay where you are longer than you need to.)

Your partner in success,

Lisa Smith
Marketing, Mindset & Manifesting Coach

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