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It might seem like a bold statement, but I believe that the majority of all success or failure in any endeavor is a direct result of what’s happening in your head and heart, which I explain succinctly through the TEAR formula.

Understanding and following the TEAR formula will make you exponentially more likely to achieve your goals. Conversely, failure to understand and follow this formula is likely to lead to a failure to achieve your goals.

This is why it is the cornerstone of all I teach and do, and those who work with me are people who get this concept (and if they don’t, I cannot work with them).

This “secret to success” formula can be described like this:

T + E = A = R

Thoughts + Emotions = Actions which lead to Results

Most people can agree that if the results/outcomes we’re getting are different than what we want, we need to change what we’re doing (Actions) in some way.

Insanity = doing the same thing in the
same way expecting a different result.

One plus one is always going to equal two, unless you change at least one thing in the equation.

So if it’s as simple as just changing what you’re doing, why do so many people still not change what they’re doing, or not for a sustained period of time?

The secret lies in the beginning of the formula, which most people overlook when attempting to change their behavior. The Thoughts (brain) and Emotions (heart/brain) are what drive the action. (Emotions are the “energy” that causes movement and thoughts are the direction for that movement; without both there is no action).

So until either the Thoughts or the Emotions change (or both)–and change permanently–the Actions and Results cannot and will not change!

Unfortunately, most of us are not only not taught about this process, but are also not taught how to effectively (quickly, easily, permanently) change our thoughts and emotions.

I’ve spent most of my life learning ways to change my own thoughts & emotions and have dedicated the last 20 years to working with others to learn and apply these methods. Hypnosis was first, then NLP, then EFT and some offshoots of all of these. The application of them has yielded great benefit for me and my clients.



Nothing changes until something changes.

I encourage you to embrace this new-found realization about what REALLY drives your behavior and is the root cause of what you’re creating/experiencing in your life. Then, be willing to utilize one or more of these techniques to change the formula and increase your success in business and in life.

Do you need help using techniques such as hypnosis, NLP, and EFT to change the thoughts and emotions that aren’t getting you what you want? Schedule a FREE Strategy Session with me 
to identify what thoughts and emotions are holding you back and learn how to create change more quickly, easily and permanently through the power of your mind. (Remember, if you don’t reach out for help, you’ll stay stuck)

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