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The Importance of a Marketing Mix

What is a "marketing mix" and why is it important to have one? Have you heard that saying, "Don't put all your eggs in one basket?" The same reasoning goes for having a variety of ways that you market your business. Relying on only one or two methods is most likely a recipe for disaster.

Although you may have heard about a business that survives solely on one way of getting new customers (such as referrals/word of mouth), this is a rarity and not something you want to initally pin your business success on.  

Having several sources of marketing will better protect you from your pipeline of prospects drying up. Yet, having too many sources can spread you too thin, creating extra stress or diluting your effectiveness.

Below is a list of several marketing tactics to explore. Test out various ones and see which yield the best returns for you (remember to ALWAYS track your marketing efforts so you know which methods are giving you the best return on investment–of time and/or money). Try variations of each technique, as well, as sometimes a little bit of tweaking can create a big difference.

1. Networking

2. Centers of Influence–referral partners & strategic alliances

3. Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn are the top 3)

4. Writing–article marketing, ezine (electronic newsletter), blog

5. Speaking–paid and unpaid, live and telecalls

6. Website–make sure you give visitors a call to action to contact you (and make your contact info. easily available)

7. Referrals/Word of Mouth–asking friends, family, past clients, others you know to refer you to others or make an introduction to someone you could help

Once you've found your top 3 in terms of ROI, focus most of your time/attention on those. But still experiment with the others. Never stop testing and tweaking. Remember that the market changes over time and you need to learn to adapt to those changes. Complacency with your marketing can lead to a decrease in new leads, customers & revenue–something you obviously want to avoid as much as possible.


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Your partner in success,

Lisa Smith
Marketing, Mindset & Manifesting Coach

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