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How the “Law of Diminishing Intent” Keeps You Stuck

I see this law proving itself a lot with my prospects (those who tell me they want to come see me but never respond to my offer of a free consultation and those who have a consultation but defer to work with me til a later date)as well as with friends, family, and others I meet in social situations complaining of unfulfilled goals. It’s disheartening to see. And I will admit that I am guilty of it at times, too.

It’s a very true and insidious “universal law,” which basically states that the longer you wait to take action on an idea you have or a goal you want to achieve, the less likely you are to actually take the action. And if you don’t take the action, nothing changes and you stay stuck right were you are.

“The road to nowhere is paved with unfulfilled intentions.”

So what causes us to put off doing what we usually know needs to be done in order to get unstuck from unsatisfactory situations? And more importantly, how can we help keep ourselves from falling prey to the stagnancy this law creates?

Read the four steps.

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Creating Calm and Confidence–
Self-Empowerment Techniques for Success



  • Do you ever feel hesitant or anxious before making sales calls or procrastinate on follow-up calls?
  • Do you often feel overwhelmed to the point of getting stressed out or stuck in “freeze mode,” unable to take action?
  • Are you finding it harder to make the sales quotas or goals that you used to or want to?
  • Is it difficult for you to relax at the end of the day or turn off your mind to get a good night's sleep?
  • Do you find yourself less patient with your clients or your family members (especially your kids), and not as “fun” as you used to be?
  • Are you holding on to events in the past (an hour ago or years ago) that left you angry, resentful, hurt, or self-destructive?
  • Do negative thoughts, fears, and beliefs cause you to doubt your self and the ability to reach your goals?


Date: Tuesday, May 15               Where:  Hosted by Ron McKinney, Financial Security
Time:  6:30-8:00 PM                                   575 Lynnhaven Pkwy., Ste. 310, Virginia Beach, VA
RSVP: Lisa Smith at 757-631-9940 (by 5/7 for prize drawing for a 1-hour EFT session with Lisa)

With the powerful techniques you’ll learn in this workshop, you can:
Reduce your stress and overwhelm
• Improve your confidence
• Get more done at work and at home
• Eliminate bad habits and food cravings
• Release hurt, resentment, guilt, fear, and other negative emotions

During this special 90-minute workshop, you'll learn powerful, cutting-edge techniques to eliminate the self-sabotage and stress that are keeping you from achieving your goals. You can even use these with your kids!

Business Mindset Coach, Lisa Smith, has helped hundreds of people take back their power in life and business. These techniques often work where everything else has failed. They have been described as one of the most important breakthroughs in the area of psychology in this century and have been used successfully with thousands of people for a broad range of physical and emotional challenges.

If you're in the Hampton Roads area, I'd love to see you there and say hi in person! RSVP now to reserve your spot; seating is limited.


Do you need help getting ideal clients and making more money with less effort and more fun?  Schedule a complimentary MMM Strategy Session with me to identify which of the three keys of creating a successful business you are missing–Marketing, Mindset or Manifesting principles–and IMMEDIATE steps to take so you can get more clients and make a difference in more lives!


Your partner in success,

Lisa Smith
Marketing, Mindset & Manifesting Coach