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Want to Increase Your Email Open Rates?
Mail Chimp Support, Guest Blog

If you're writing and sending a newsletter to your clients and prospects, it doesn't matter how much great information you provide in them. If your subscribers don't feel prompted to open and read them, you're not helping them or YOU.

MailChimp (a contact management system) analyzed the open rates for over 200 million emails. Open rates ranged from an amazing 93% to a dismal 0.5%. Many additional factors affect how an email is viewed, such as frequency, sender, and the nature of the message.

  • What four words should you avoid?
  • Does personalization (adding the reader's name) increase opens?
  • How long should a subject line be?
  • Best and worst examples

Read the full study results here to learn their analysis for the Best Practices in Writing Email Subject Lines.

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Lisa Smith
Marketing, Mindset & Manifesting Coach