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What Can the Olympics Teach You About Marketing?

Did you watch any of the Summer Olympics from Great Britain? It was very exciting to watch the competitors, hear their stories, and learn some more history of the country. I've been to GB a couple of times and it was nice to reminisce about my travels there.

I was very impressed with the facilities they had or built to host all the variety of competitions that were represented, the creativity of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, and the seemless execution of all the details that made it come together into a spectacular experience for the Olympians and the viewers.

When Great Britain decided to put its bid in to be the host nation for the 2012 Olympic Games, they had to prove to the selection committee that they had what it took to get the job done. In essence, they had to promote or market themselves to be "hired." You can learn a lot about marketing your own business from this example.

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