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It might seem like a bold statement, but I believe that the majority of all success or failure in any endeavor is a direct result of what’s happening in your head and heart, which I explain succinctly through the TEAR formula.

Understanding and following the TEAR formula will make you exponentially more likely to achieve your goals. Conversely, failure to understand and follow this formula is likely to lead to a failure to achieve your goals.

This is why it is the cornerstone of all I teach and do, and those who work with me are people who get this concept (and if they don’t, I cannot work with them).

This “secret to success” formula can be described like this:

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Why Making Mistakes Is Sexy

People are so trained early on that making mistakes is “bad” or “wrong” and something to be avoided. They’re either scolded (or even hit) by an adult if they did something that was different than that adult thought was right, or were teased by a sibling or peer for their action.

Think about it—when did you ever hear, “Hey, you did it totally wrong—good for you!”?

Sadly, the idea that people will reject us or not think well of us–or even hurt us–if we don’t do things “perfectly” is one of the biggest killers of success.

But what would happen if you could begin to think about mistakes as “Sexy” instead?

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