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How the “Law of Diminishing Intent” Keeps You Stuck

I see this law proving itself a lot with my prospects (those who tell me they want to come see me but never respond to my offer of a free consultation and those who have a consultation but defer to work with me til a later date)as well as with friends, family, and others I meet in social situations complaining of unfulfilled goals. It’s disheartening to see. And I will admit that I am guilty of it at times, too.

It’s a very true and insidious “universal law,” which basically states that the longer you wait to take action on an idea you have or a goal you want to achieve, the less likely you are to actually take the action. And if you don’t take the action, nothing changes and you stay stuck right were you are.

“The road to nowhere is paved with unfulfilled intentions.”

So what causes us to put off doing what we usually know needs to be done in order to get unstuck from unsatisfactory situations? And more importantly, how can we help keep ourselves from falling prey to the stagnancy this law creates?

Read the four steps.

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