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What Being a Good Friend Can Teach You About Social Media
Lena West, Influence Expansion


I once had an email exchange with a colleague about how friendships are similar to the relationships we have with clients. At some point, of course, I began to draw parallels between friendship and social media engagement.


We always hear about strong communication being a necessity in friendships to avoid misunderstandings, but what about when it comes to social media relationships? Most people wouldn’t think that interactions with their buddies have anything to do with their professional social media relationships, but they do.

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Social Media Tip–Date First, Propose Later

Did you see the excellent blog post yesterday from social media expert, Lena West, on The Secret to Getting Real Results from Social Media?

One of the things Lena has taught me is the importance of creating a relationship with a person or group online for a while before trying to offer my services or products to them. This building of familiarity, trust, and likeability is imperative and often overlooked or rushed in social media. [Read more…]