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Our next “Marketing, Mindset & Manifesting with Lisa & Friends” video podcast is ready to watch:

Branding: How To Uniquely Position Your Business and Attract Your Ideal Clients Like Crazy with Cathy Wilke

Tired of feeling like your business is just another version of everything that’s already out there?

Having trouble coming up with products and services that people want to buy?

Confused about buzz words such as “branding,” “positioning,” and “niche”? 

Then take time to watch this short interview with Cathy from It promises to be really eye-opening and profitable.

Cathy talks about how to hone in on what’s special and different about you to create a marketing message that will help your business stand out in the crowd.  [Read more…]

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How To Keep Your Brand Fresh, Relevant, And Buzzworthy
Martina Zorc, Guest Blogger

Growing a thriving, profitable, and impactful business requires a strong foundation of an irresistible brand that helps you stand out, and attract your ideal, high paying clients. Branding is an ongoing adventure, though, so creating your brand once and forgetting about it will neither serve you nor the people whose lives you're meant to touch.

Everything you do in business has a reflection on your brand, and vice versa. If done strategically, the imagination, creativity, and passion you put into shaping your "star brand" will pay off in more than one way–resulting in more income, higher profits, a bigger reach, and a snowball of business-building opportunities.

Here is how to avoid the magic of a breathtaking, reliable, and memorable brand ever fading away…

[Read more…]

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Tips on Branding from the Crow’s Nest
Guest Blogger, Nora D. Richardson

Ahoy me Hearties!

Did you know that today, September 19, is “Talk Like A Pirate Day”?

The branding professional in me couldn’t resist analyzing how pirate flags and tactics (in literature, lore and life) actually equate to excellent branding and marketing skills that companies should employ today. And let me tell ye, pirates had branding down!

[Read more…]