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Stepping Up Your Brand Means Stepping Up Your Mindset
Adam Haroun, Founder & Creative Director of The XFactor Agency

As a brand strategist, I have to opportunity to create real transformation for the businesses I serve. Everything from repositioning a company, to developing a new logo and online presence, to crafting the messages that will run through all a client's marketing collateral.

It's fun stuff, indeed, and something that at first glance might seem like strictly "business" on the surface. However, I can tell you beyond a doubt that more often than not, changing a client's brand requires a serious change in their mindset.

When you seek to evolve your business by launching an elevated image and revised brand platform, it's bound to bring up that "stuff" that, as entrepreneurs, we all-too-often push to the side. So many of my clients have faced those "little gremlins" of mind that say things like:

"Who are you to make this kind of claim in the marketplace?"

"Your brand will never be as good as (insert leading competitor here)"

"What if people don't like you once you've put yourself in front of the world on a much bigger scale?"

…and the list could go on for miles!

So, for many of my clients who seek to redevelop their brand, I first take a look at their mindset and see if they are ready for the mental shift that must take place in order to successfully bring a new positioning, visual identity, or website into the marketplace.

And if they aren’t, I point them in the direction of an outstanding mindset coach (and I happen to know a great one – in fact, you’re on her website right now!) and have them comeback to me once they are ready for all that comes with boldly standing out in the marketplace stepping up your branding.

That being said, I believe that my work and experience serve as two of many great examples of just how much your mindset dictates the results – or lack thereof – you create in business. It’s also a reminder of why constant mentorship in not only the area of marketing, but more importantly, continued guidance in the mindset and Universal Laws that drive a business owner to get results!

The XFactor Agency is a leader in helping small business owners, just like you, get results from their branding and online presence. As a boutique firm, they understand that everything from your logo, to marketing materials, to your web presence need to look outstanding and help you effectively market your business; online and offline. Visit to learn more.

Do you need help getting ideal clients and making more money with less effort and more fun?  Schedule a complimentary MMM Strategy Session with me to identify which of the three keys of creating a successful business you are missing–Marketing, Mindset or Manifesting principles–and IMMEDIATE steps to take so you can get more clients and make a difference in more lives!

Your partner in success,

Lisa Smith
Marketing, Mindset & Manifesting Coach

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