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Series–Mental Mastery Techniques for Rapid Change: Limiting Belief Elimination Process

What Are Limiting Beliefs?
Our beliefs are the "rules" we've set up in our minds that help us make sense of the world and maneuver successful and safely through it. Our beliefs are largely formed early on from our parents, institutions (like church, school), teachers and other "authority" figures, our peers, and the media.

Because they help us feel a sense of order and understanding of our world and create a sense of "control" or safety (despite common distortions), they are stored in the subconscious as "truths" for us and are therefore, difficult to change (unless you know the key to releasing them rapidly, which I'll share in a moment).

Sometimes the beliefs we form are very helpful–for the situation at hand as well as ones that allow us to function well in the world and reach our potential.

Sometimes, however, they become outdated, yet we continue to hold on to them because they are so unconscious and well-formed, or are linked to a sense of safety. Other times, they are distorted because they are formed from skewed experiences or the limited ability of comprehension of a child's mind. These types of beliefs are known as "limited beliefs" because they limit our ability to grow and to perform at our best.

Until we recognize and change these limited/limiting beliefs, they will continue to hold us back from true success because we will be operating from a sense of lack, immaturity, or fear. Growth cannot happen in these states.

So, how can you begin to recognize and change limited/limiting beliefs? First of all, begin to uncover and examine some of your general perceptions. Here are some questions to answer to get you started:

The world is …..
Money is …..
Success is …..
My body is …..
I am …..
People are …..

Look at the answers you wrote to these questions. Are they demonstrating lack, immaturity, fear, or other negative perspectives? Do they put you on the defensive? If so, these are probably limiting beliefs.

A few of the top LB's I have discovered people typically have are:

1. I'm not good enough
2. I'm not lovable
3. I'm not important
4. Mistakes & failure are bad
5. You have to work hard for money

I actually have an extensive list, in various categories, of universal limiting beliefs. No one is immune from forming them, and most of us are operating dysfunctionally off a variety of limiting beliefs.

Limiting beliefs hold us to the past and make us "victims" of the world and other people. Our beliefs shape our perceptions of events and our emotional and physical response to those events. And our minds can create some pretty contorted distortions of the meaning of events in order to keep "proving" our beliefs are true. That's why it's so important to identify and eliminate them!! In fact, it's one of the key factors I look at when helping people make changes in their lives.

A Proven, Quick and Permanent Way to Eliminate Limiting Beliefs–The Lefkoe Method
I recently trained in a new (to me) technique to help eliminate limiting beliefs. In the past I relied a little on hypnosis to do this, but it took time for reprogramming. Next I used EFT, which usually worked much quicker. Now I will usually use the Lefkoe Method which, although it is a cognitive process, creates rapid (40 minutes or less) release of beliefs and puts the client in a state of connection to themselves as a limitless and powerful Creator of all that is in their life or ever will be, that is very profound.

I have been using it for the past few months with not only my clients, but myself as well. And it works every time. In fact, the Lefkoe Method (developed by Morty Lefkoe) has been used with over 18,000 people in over 30 countries. When you go through this process you will actually find that you can't believe your old belief any more, even if you try! And an independent study by the University of Arizona proved that it works–and permanently–with the fear of public speaking.

Also, all the consequences of having the belief will literally disappear. You will feel and behave differently and these changes will last for the rest of your life. It's a pretty amazing technique and I am happy I have added it to my arsenal of techniques to help my clients experience more rapid change.

If you need one-on-one help with recognizing and changing your limting beliefs, I can help! I offer several options for in-person and distance coaching that will help you utilize the tools of the mind to make this shift more easily and quickly, whether for personal or business/financial goals. Your consultation is FREE, so you have nothing to lose (except those limiting beliefs!). Contact me today to learn more at

Your partner in success,

Lisa Smith
Marketing, Mindset & Manifesting Coach

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