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Secrets to Converting More Prospects Into Clients

If you're looking to increase your impact and your income, you have to be good at having sales ("service") conversations with prospective clients. This means making them comfortable with you, getting them to understand them the value of what you are offering, and addressing concerns and other barriers to them saying "yes" (as long as it's a good fit).

This should not be left to "luck" or "winging it" during your service coversation. It needs to be outlined, practiced, tweaked, and practiced more. Read some tips today for doing this well, then hope to see some comments on what you implemented and the results to inspire others.

1. Map out a process from start to finish

Create an outline of how to open the conversation, ask relevant questions (do they have a need you can fulfill?), be curious and interested, offer insight and the possibility that you have a solution to their need or problem, invite them to work with you, address their concerns with doing so now.

2. Have a written script (at least an outline)

Have it with you & follow it. Yes, even if they are there in front of you. It's okay to have an outline and be writing things down–they'll see that as demonstration that you are really listening to them.

3. Include a section on how to respond to "hard-to-handle" cases and "objections"

Remember that the part of them that has been keeping them stuck (usually due to fear and/or doubt about making the changes they will need to) will come up to try to talk them out of taking action, You do not serve them by agreeing with their excuses or objections. This is where you need to be a coach, and be more convinced that you can help them get what they want than they are that you/they can't. Remember that in any persuasive conversation, the person with the most confidence will "win."

4. Track, review, practice, & role-play

A tourist was walking in New York and asked a police office, "How do you get to Carnegie Hall?" The officer replied, "Practice, practice, practice!"  You must become very familiar with your process and tweak it after your sales conversations. You learn from each conversation. Keep track of your results (How did you do at each step of the process–how did you feel and how did they respond? How many people did you convert to a client?). Review the conversation afterwards for things that could be improved upon or added/eliminated and adjust your script accordingly. Practice having sales conversations with a practice buddy or mentor who can role-play different types of scenarios at the various stages.

My private clients learn this process from me. i provide them with a starter script that is based on the techniques I have learned from my various coaches. We review and tweak it to match their type of ideal prospect then review how their sales conversations are going using the script, and discuss suggestions for improving their process. It proves invaluable to increasing their business and their impact.

Getting comfortable with the whole process is like learning how to dance. First you get the basic steps, then you practice, then you add your own style and flair to it to make it your own. You'll be awkward when you start but as you practice, you'll eventually get the rhythm and flow, and will be dancing gracefully with all (or most) of your partners.

As you make them comfortable dancing with you, guiding them where they feel unsure, they will thank you for it and want to continue the dance with you. This is how you turn more prospects into ideal clients.

Do you need help learning and conducting effective sales conversations that get you ideal clients?  Schedule a complimentary MMM Strategy Session with me to identify where your sales systems are lacking and how to learn to become a master at converting prospects to clients so you can make money while serving more people with your gifts!

Your partner in success,

Lisa Smith
Marketing, Mindset & Manifesting Coach

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