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Congratulations on requesting your audio, "Creating the Mindset of a Sales SuperStar!" from Marketing, Mindset & Manifesting.

"Creating the Mindset of a Sales Superstar" is designed to program your subconscious mind to quickly and permanently develop a positive attitude about picking up the phone for sales calls, selling your self and your product or service, have powerful, authentic and helpful sales conversations, and confidently ask people to hire you or purchase your product or service.

To download the audio onto your computer, right click on the link below and choose "Save file as" from the pop-up menu that appears and save it to your computer where you can easily find it. Then transfer it to a digital audio listening device (mp3 player, iPhone, etc.) so you can listen away from your computer.

Introduction to audio (download and listen to this first)
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Remember to listen to it consistently as instructed for at least 30 days to realize the best results. The two best times are as you go to sleep and first thing upon awakening before getting out of bed. 

As an additional bonus, along with the audio you will also receive weekly summaries of my blog posts. These written and video blogs share with you my tips and action steps to utilize effective marketing, mindset & manifesting ideas and techniques to grow your business as I have mine. (Although I know these tips will be valuable to you, you can unsubscribe at any time by following the steps at the bottom of each summary.) 

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