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mind changeRewiring Your Brain to a New Reality (Part 4 of 4)
Dr. Joe Dispenza, Guest Video Blog

Helping you be open to and prepared for creating a new you in this new year has been the goal of this 4-part video series. I hope you’ve been enjoying it as much as I have.

In video 4, Dr. Dispenza talks about speeding up the evolution process by rewiring the brain in the ways he describes that we can learn to do. 

This series of videos is by Dr. Joe Dispenza, who is a scientist made famous by his appearance in the movie “What the Bleep Do We Know.” If you are REALLY serious about making positive changes in your life (and your business), carve out some time to watch these videos!

If you need to catch up on the series, make sure to watch all of the videos in order. Then come back to this post to finish them off.

The first video (14 minutes) can be seen here.
Part 2 (12 minutes) can be seen here.
Part 3 (13 minutes) can be seen here

In part 4, Dr. Dispenza explains the brain only really exists in two states:

  1. Survival (responding to environment)
  2. Creation (learning, experiencing)

With the survival brain, we respond to our environment so much that our environment creates our reality. The conditioned firing causes the body to become prepared for the threat which causes the body to respond a certain way, which in turn creates the same reality in the future.

“We can’t get anything in our life that we are not yet wired for.” So wee need to see it on the inside (our minds) first, before we can see it on the outside (environment). And like one of my favorite teachers, Wayne Dyer, once said, “You’ll see it when you believe it.”  Or my Reader’s Digest version: “Believing is seeing.”

Watch video 4 (9 minutes) here.

See more about Joe and his teachings here.

I would really love to hear from you about your thoughts and impressions with the videos after you watch them. And most importantly, what you’re going to APPLY from what you’ve learned to be able to create YOUR new “reality.”

Do you need help rewiring your brain to achieve your goal of having a thriving business? Download your free audio and transcript, “The 3 Keys You Must Master…” by completing the request form in the column to the right. Then follow the exercises given in Key #2 to help shift your mindset.


  1. David Daskam says:

    Great series, Lisa! The rewiring is something I have been working on this year and it is incredible how quickly the results happen. A lot of really good analogies in the videos to put things in perspective.

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