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mind changeRewiring Your Brain to a New Reality (Part 3 of 4)
Dr. Joe Dispenza, Guest Video Blog

As we continue this series for a “fresh start” in the new year by understanding how our brain works (for us and against us), here is part 3 of this 4-part video series.

In video 3, Dr. Dispenza continues his scientific explanation of how people continue to see themselves as victims based on their pre-programmed filters and how what we see as “reality” is merely a result of our limited perception. Yet we can also rewire our genetic and early brain programming (50% from our parents) to “see” a new “reality.”

This series of videos is by Dr. Joe Dispenza, who is a scientist made famous by his appearance in the movie “What the Bleep Do We Know.”

If you are REALLY serious about making positive changes in your life (and your business), carve out some time to watch these videos!

The first video (14 minutes) can be seen here.
Part 2 (12 minutes) can be seen here.

In part 3, Dr. Dispenza explains the two ways we make connections in the brain:

  1. Knowledge/information we gain from others
  2. Our own experience

Experience enriches the brain. All of our senses are immersed in the process and sending a rush of data back to our brain. This releases neurotransmitters that make us feel a certain way–creating an emotion. In turn, we get stuck in this cycle of reinforcing the past memories in the present, and projecting expectations that our future will look just like our past.

“Do not wait for permission from science to do the supernatural. Do the supernatural and wait for science to come study you.”

Watch video 3 (13 minutes) here.

I would really love to hear from you about your thoughts and impressions with the videos after you watch them. And most importantly, what you’re going to APPLY from what you’ve learned to be able to create YOUR new “reality.”

Do you need help rewiring your brain to achieve your goal of having a thriving business? Download your free audio and transcript, “The 3 Keys You Must Master…” by completing the request form in the column to the right. Then follow the exercises given in Key #2 to help shift your mindset.

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