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Remember Your Value

* Do you hold yourself back from enthusiastically telling others what you do, or sell yourself short about the service you provide to people?
* Do you find yourself reluctant to talk about your business when you’re at networking events or social gatherings?
* Do you resist reaching out to people who would be great strategic alliances for you and your services?

I see this pattern time and time again with service-based business owners, and even find myself falling back into it from time to time.

Where does this come from? Some of the many sources include:

1. The all-too-common “I’m not good enough” limiting belief
2. Fear of being rejected
3. Not feeling worthy or deserving
4. Being embarrassed to “shine”
5. Not wanting to appear “boastful”
6. Not recognizing that what you know so well or comes easy to you is not so “common” or “simple” for everyone else

How can you begin to break this pattern and feel more comfortable approaching and confidently sharing with others about your service(s)?

First, remind yourself of what you have done or can do for others
–Re-read the testimonials of people you have helped
–Re-read your success journal
–Re-read your marketing and sales copy (which should contain your benefits points)

Second, invest in some resources to help you release the limited thinking and beliefs mentioned above.

I offer a very powerful mental reconditioning CD called “Creating a Business Owner’s Mindset” that has 3 tracks designed to erase those beliefs and doubts, and create a more confident mindset around your services and your self as a business owner. It is just $30 and available as an MP3 download set or as a hard copy CD that can be shipped to you. Email me if you are interested in purchasing it.

Working with me privately is another way to eliminate your fears and limiting beliefs. I use a variety of programs and techniques to identify and eliminate such mental blocks that keep you from sharing your gifts in the way you are meant to. Schedule a free 45-minute Strategy Session call with me to find and eliminate yours.

Until next time,

Lisa Smith
Marketing, Mindset & Manifesting Coach

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