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check markRecommended Resources for Your Business (or Life in General)

I come across a lot of great resources that assist me in running my business and my life by helping me organize, simplify or automate what I need or want to do.

I share these from time to time as I discover ones that I think would be really great for you, too.

If you use and like something I shared with you here, please leave a comment so others are encouraged to try it, too. And if you have something you use and love that you would like to share, please add that in the comment section. Here are my picks for this month:

Zapier (Biz or Life)
What it does: Zapier lets you easily connect the web apps you use, making it simpler to automate tedious tasks.
Cost:  Free and various price levels up to $175 per month
Why I like it: Over 500 apps to choose from to connect. A Zap combines triggers and actions (triggers and actions are events. They can be things like a “new email” or a “new contact”). Whenever the trigger event occurs, Zapier automatically completes the action for you. (You can also use it to explore what kinds of fun and useful apps are out that that you may not yet know about!)
How to get it: Click on the link here and review the features and pricing so you know what options you have. Sign up for the free trial to test it out and the various zaps you can create with the apps you have, then purchase if you find it saving you time and hassle.

GoFormz (Biz)
What it does: Eliminate paper forms and modernize your business in minutes. GoFormz gives you a complete mobile forms solution that lets you capture data electronically with mobile forms that look exactly like your current paper forms. It also makes your form templates “smart” by automating calculations, prefilling form data sources, capturing GPS information and more. Once you have your mobile template, it generates PDFs, captures every piece of data, and lets you run reports on the data.
Cost: Free, $10/mo. and $20/mo. plans
Why I like it: I work with a lot of clients virtually and this software would make it easier to send clients documents to fill out, sign and send back to me. Another touted feature is to reduce paper or go paperless with documents, though that’s not a goal I have right now.
How to get it: Give it a whirl with the free Basic Plan; upgrade if you want others on your team or in your business to share forms and have unlimited form templates.

Dropbox  (Biz or Life)
What it does: Cloud storage space (storing files, including photos, audios on the internet that can be accessed from any device by signing in to your account). You can also use it to share files via links, or access and edit shared documents in real time.
Cost: Free Basic Plan (up to 2G of storage but ways to add up to 16G more for free); additional plans (more gigs, features) for $9/99/mo. or $15/mo.)
Why I like it: The 2 main things I like about Dropbox are 1) the ability to access files (including audios) away from my desktop via any other desktop or laptop computer or my phone, and 2) the ability to store and share links to files (for giveaways or hypnosis audios and session call recordings for my clients). I can also set up shared Dropbox folders with clients to immediately place documents and audios into the folder for their access and ability to edit, without the extra step of creating and sharing a link through an email.
How to get it: Use this link to learn more and create your own Dropbox account (the free Basic Plan is usually sufficient, unless you are really document-heavy and/or mobile).

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Do you have a favorite app, time-saver, or software system that helps you run your life/business? Share it in the comments section at the bottom of the page so others can enjoy it, too! 

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