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3 Steps to Determine If You Should Take On a Project
Guest Blogger, Araceli Gonzalez

We’ve all been there–in the dreaded space of project abandonment. I, too, have started a project with enthusiasm and excitement only to give up on it somewhere along the way. Be honest with yourself–how many times in the past year have you started a project and abandoned ship midway (or sooner), even though your intention was to see it through?

Although creating an action plan once you take on a project is imperative to its success, there’s some leg work that needs to take place beforehand to even determine if taking on this project is going to be a wise decision.

There are certain questions you need to ask and tasks you need to perform in order to commit. Normally, you wouldn’t marry someone without knowing his or her history, habits, etc., right? Starting a project without the proper homework can set you up for project abandonment. Here are a few things you need to consider before taking on a new project:

  • How long will it take to complete?  Let’s say you want to write a book in six months. Creating an outline will give you a good idea about the amount of writing involved to meet your goal. Be very cautious of the free time you have available to make this happen. If you can only write on Friday mornings for three hours, is that enough time to complete this project in a six-month period? Understanding the time available for the venture will give you a more predictable and attainable deadline. Otherwise, if you are working against an impossible deadline, you may find yourself deserting the task and experiencing frustration and overwhelm.
  • Are there other things to consider? If you are writing a book, will you be conducting interviews or doing research on the topic? These tasks are in addition to your writing time but must be part of the pre-work process in order to establish a realistic deadline. You may find that research time alone will push your project past the initial deadline.
  • WIIFM Factor (What’s In It For Me): This part is overlooked and it’s usually what gets professionals off track. You need to feel personally satisfied with the work you are doing. Whether the idea is to contribute your time to a project without expecting anything in return, or expecting certain compensation, you have to feel that your time, your efforts, and your expertise are being used for the greater good.

    It’s hard for some to admit they need gratification from a task in order to commit to doing it, but the reality is that one of the basic human needs is to feel wanted and appreciated. If you are spending your time, your energy, and your knowledge in a project that doesn’t allow for gratification, you will give up before completion and feel resentment or guilt in the process. Therefore, ensure the project allows you to feel important and instrumental in its success.

Doing the pre-work before deciding if a project is right for you will increase your chances of finishing what you started and creating a positive habit of doing so. By following these steps, you may discover a project is not right for you before you commit.

Take a few minutes to do the three steps first, and you’ll be more likely to set yourself up for success rather than failure.

Araceli Gonzalez is the Founder & CEO of Be Productive Today, LLC, a company dedicated to helping you–the self-employed professional and business owner–take back your life and time by learning how to run a productive and efficient business. Productivity and efficiency are possible with Araceli’s "The Art of Creating Your Efficient Business™ Mastery Program." This proven and true seven-step system teaches you how to create a cycle of productivity and efficiency in your business so you make money and enjoy more time off. To learn more about Araceli and to claim your free copy of the eBook, “Get It Done! Your Complete Guide to Your Next 30 Days” visit

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