Moving Your Business Goals from Impossible to Inevitable: Mastering Evolutionary Time & Energy

Dr. Scott Mills

Join Dr. Scott Mills as he teaches you the quantum version of time that unlocks your energy and mind, and helps you get more of what’s important done. This is beyond time management–it’s mind management that shifts you into quantum time.

Step 1 is shifting how your brain organizes your goals so the impossible moves to the inevitable. (This is an automated process that affects how much attention you  actually put on achieving your goals. It’s kind of like creating a wormhole in your brain!)
Step 2 is finding the “flow” state quicker and staying it in longer. (When you’re in flow you work easier, quicker, and it feels more like fun even when it’s challenging.)
You don’t have to wait for this state to find you. You can step into anytime you want.
Step 3 is creating customized hyper states that allow maximize performance. Think “warp-speed-ahead” with all the minutia speeding by. Now imagine doing that with your work projects!


     What happens when you take an insatiable curiosity about human nature, add a quirky sense of humor, a deeply compassionate spirit, and an intense commitment to developing amazing conscious entrepreneurs in the world? Well, of course, you get Dr Scott.
Unique in the world of leadership development and human transformation–not just for his emphasis on the science that creates deep and lasting change–but also for the breadth of the tools that he draws on, Scott is consistently offering new ways of thinking about life, new tools for stepping quickly into the change that people most want, and in a way that respects all of who you are and where you have come from.
He’s been dedicated to supporting individuals and businesses step beyond themselves for the last twenty years. He’s got lots of letters behind his name (Ph.D., M.A., B.A., NLP, M.P.) that are evidence of his dedication to learning more and being better himself.

     But the true test for him is how his work actually shows up in the world–seeing conscious entrepreneurs like you creating businesses that support their lives and the planet, finding true love, releasing past pain, and empowering the people around them–essentially, evolving not just themselves but creating a path for everyone in their lives.


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