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Released June 24th

Moving Your Business from a Hobby (that COSTS You Money) to a True Business That Makes You a PROFIT
Lisa Smith, MHt, NLP, EFT-1

So many people these days are going into business with the intention to make money–either as supplemental income or sole-income–doing what they love, especially "conscious entrepreneurs" who are trying to serve others.

Yet most don't have a business background or training. They have an employee mindset or service-provider mindset, and haven't shifted into a business-owner mindset. Failing to know how to do so–and when–can doom your business, keeping you from turning it from a hobby into a business, or abandoning it all together.

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Released June 10th

Organizational Tips That Will Add an Extra $5k or More to Your Bottom Line
Virginia Maddan

    Virginia Maddan is an efficiency expert helping entrepreneurs and small business owners put thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours back into their schedules every year. She’s able to see the places in your business where you’re literally leaking time, energy, and money and quickly and efficiently solve those problems. Virginia has supported executives at some of the top technology firms in the Bay Area and spoken to numerous groups, such as the San Francisco Chamber of Commerce, Golden Gate Business association, and privately held companies that want to enhance their staff’s productivity & organization.

     Her expertise has helped her clients alleviate stress and overwhelm, focus their strengths in productive ways, increase their quality of life, and make more money. Known for her hard work, creative solutions, calm demeanor, and non-judgmental attitude, she also has the unique ability to help her clients overcome organizational roadblocks so they can move to the next level of success. 

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Released May 20th

3 Damaging Decisions Women Business Leaders Make In Their Relationships That Impact Them From the Bedroom to the Boardroom
Dana Corey

      Dana believes that our ability to create and sustain relationships, both personally and professionally, sets
 the stage for all of our successes. Whether we’re married, single and dating, or not dating at all, what we believe and how we approach our romantic relationships is the single best indicator for how successfully we build relationships in all of our lives. 

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Released April 22nd

Wear Who You Are: Align Your Outer Image With Your Inner Brilliance To Up-Level Your Business And Attract Higher-Paying Clients
Katherine Johnson

What you wear acts as a microphone — it announces who and what you are to potential clients, investors and audiences.  Your authentic image is a powerful way to up-level your business, amplify your message, and connect more easily with your ideal clients.  

Many entrepreneurs miss out on this sure-fire tool to authentically communicate who they are while also experiencing increased confidence, resonance and meaningful connections.

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Released April 8th

The 3-Key Master Blueprint for Consistent Client Attraction–Marketing, Mindset & Manifesting
Lisa Smith, MHt, NLP, EFT-1

Each of these three areas is key to my success in business and what my clients benefit from learning and applying. Missing any one of these elements can diminish the effectiveness of your soul-based business (your clients' results, your profit margin, and your ability to enjoy being a conscious business owner)

In this interview, I'll share several exercises you can do to begin to harness the power and potential of each key.

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Released March 25th

How to Turn On Your Business by Turning Up Your Sexual Energy Centers
Melinda Bernstein

Imagine being in a meeting or the boardroom with your potential or existing client and (on the inside) feel like you’re in the bedroom with your beau or babe without anyone knowing AND stay focused while getting positive results for your business!

Believe it or not, one key to alleviating financial frustration is to turn on your sexual energy centers.
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Released March 11th

Branding: How To Uniquely Position Your Business and Attract Your Ideal Clients Like Crazy
Cathy Wilke

If you’re tired of feeling like your business is just another version of everything that’s already out there, or you’re having trouble coming up with products and services that people want to buy, what Cathy has to share will be really eye-opening and profitable.

Cathy talks about how to hone in on what’s special and different about you to create a marketing message that will help your business stand out in the crowd.  Full Summary    Watch Video   Contact Cathy
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Released February 25th

Networking that Works: Discover the Secrets to Finding Networking Events That Get You Ideal Clients
MaryJane Boholst

Networking is one of the most effective ways to find ideal clients, but most people don't know how to network effectively, so they either don't get results or don't try it at all, especially introverts or techies.

Mary Jane shares the secrets to finding the best networking events for you and your business, so you not only make beneficial connections, but make money and have fun too!    Full Summary    Watch Video   
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Released February 11th

How to Set Up That Whole Opt-In Thing Everybody’s Talking About to Build Your List
Emily Levy

You’ve heard that building your email list is a key way to grow your business. And you’ve probably seen a lot of websites that offer a special gift to people who sign up. 

If you’ve wondered or been confused about how YOU can create an enticing gift that people will want to give you their name and email address for AND how to set it up to deliver automatically, Emily is going to give you the how-to information today to get started creating your own irresistible opt-in.   Full Summary    Watch Video   
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"How to Set Up That Whole Opt-In Thing Everybody’s Talking About to Build Your List", through this link 

Released January 27th

Moving Your Business Goals from Impossible to Inevitable: Mastering Evolutionary Time & Energy
Dr. Scott Mills

Join Dr. Scott Mills as he teaches you the quantum version of time that unlocks your energy and mind, and helps you get more of what's important done. This is beyond time management–it's mind management that shifts you into quantum time.   Full Summary    Watch Video   

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