Creating a Healthy Relationship with Money

Creating a Healthy Relationship with Money

I was listening to a telecall this week and heard an interesting concept about money:

Treat money like you would a person you are dating and want to have a good relationship with.

This perspective has completely shifted my concept about money and my relationship with it! It has also allowed me to see some ways I have been pushing money away instead of inviting it to "move in with me."

Here are some things to look at and work on to improve your relationship with money from the perspective of dating.  

First, ask yourself:
"If money were a romantic partner, would it want to be around me?"

  • Be your best around it
  • Take it out and have fun with it
  • Treat it with respect and love

    (e.g., Do you handle your money in an orderly and neat way, or do you have it crumpled up and all over the place? Do you misplace or mismanage it?)

  • Communicate lovingly with it
  • Talk kindly and positively about it to others
  • Appreciate it fully when it's around
  • Make it a priority in your life
  • Take time to review how your relationship is doing; fix what may not be working

Which areas above are you not doing in your money relationship?

How can you apply or change your relationship with money based on these guidelines?

I'd love to hear your comments about this perspective on dealing with money. What impression did it make on you? Do you have any other guidelines that would fit this profile that you would like to share? Make sure to add your comments below.  


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Your partner in success,

Lisa Smith
Marketing, Mindset & Manifesting Coach


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