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Understanding and Working with Universal Laws

Have you had things happen in your life that were unwanted or out of your control to change? Have you ever felt at the mercy of a seemingly cruel world or a cruel "God"? Have you ever wondered if we live in a random universe, or one with consistent laws that we can depend upon and live by? I know I have. Ever since I was very young, I have sought a higher meaning and purpose to everything in my world in order to gain a sense of peace, acceptance, control, power, and hope.

This search has led me to many philosophies, esoteric teachings, religious doctrines, spiritual principles, and practical applications. My path has brought me answers and more questions. I have worked to best apply what I have learned to my life and to my business, with both failure and success. And I will continue to do so as I learn and strive to grow.

A book and principles I have been exposed to through one of my mentors, David Neagle, is "Working with the Law: 11 Truth Principles for Successful Living" by Dr. Raymond Holliwell. Dr. Holliwell applied logical thinking and observation to correlate the laws of the physical universe to those of life on the mental and spiritual levels.

"The question uppermost in the world of thought today is whether a man has the capacity, equipment, and power to control his life; whether he can be what he wants to be; or whether he is a drop in the great ocean of life." – Raymond Holliwell

Just as science has defined natural laws that explain the physical world, such as "for every action there is a reaction," and "for every motion there is an equal and opposite counter-motion," Holliwell realized these laws applied on multi-dimensional levels and that a specific thought could create a desired reaction in one's personal and professional life through continual and dedicated practice.

In the Preface of the book, Holliwell writes:

"I shall call God working in lives "LAW". Interpreting the law in several ways should bring it more
clearly into our way of thinking. Then, as we strive to work with the Law we are living closer to God,
and such living brings a better understanding.

As you grow in knowledge and are able to form better opinions, do not hesitate to change your views. Remember, 'The wise man changes his mind; the fool never.' There can be no progress without
change, no growth without renewal.

Learn to use the powers unless you wish to be used by them. Make a daily effort to use the
knowledge you have gained. Try to improve upon all your opinions. Endeavor to obtain a truer and
larger conception of each of your personal views.

The inner convictions which control one’s aims, desires, and motives, constitute the real thought of
the individual and wholly determine the course of his life and personal destiny. Psychologists tell us
that every individual is controlled by his convictions, whether he is aware of it or not. Such
convictions largely determine the nature of his thinking; the inner thought coming from the heart
represents the real motives and desires. These are the causes of action."

Because of the profound and impactful nature of understanding and applying these Laws, I want to take some time over the coming weeks to share them with you, as well as my understanding of them and examples of application in my or my clients' lives and business practices. Perhaps together, we will learn to be masters of our destiny instead of victims in a seemingly random universe.

Look for the first installment of this series, where I will discuss The Law of Thinking. The other 10 laws are:
Supply, Attraction, Receiving, Increase, Compensation, Non-Resistance, Forgiveness, Sacrifice, Obedience, and Success.

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Your partner in success,

Lisa Smith
Marketing, Mindset & Manifesting Coach


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