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oh no faceOh No–I Lost A Client When I Raised My Rates!

One of my clients recently sent me an email telling me she lost her first long-time client as a result of her fee increase and change in service structure. She said it didn't feel good.

We made these changes in order to grow her business and help people in a bigger way, and devised a plan to phase her long-time, loyal clients into the new structure and fees and communicate with them about the changes and the benefits to them.  

She was totally congruent about the change, and until now all of her current clients were okay with it as well. But when she encountered the first one who said they would not be continuing to come see her, the "Oh no!" thought came in and she started to doubt and feel bad/sad about losing someone she had worked with and developed a relationship with over the years. Here's some perspective and a tapping script I shared with her:

If you want to keep your practice growing, you're going to have to raise your rates from time to time. It's inevitable. Expenses increase, so revenue has to increase to keep up with them.

And sometimes you are undervaluing your services and not charging enough. Often, when I start coaching my clients, after we look at their pricing structure and delivery model, I encourage them to give themselves a raise and even restructure their delivery model so they're working less but still providing high value that gets results.

This can be a scary proposition. All kinds of limiting beliefs and fears start to bombard your mind ("am i worth that?" "they're going to think I'm greedy" "they can't afford that" " they won't pay that much" "i feel guilty for charging so much" "if I charge more, they'll go to someone else who charges less" etc.).

And if you increase your fees with clients who have been working with you for a long time (your "loyal fans"), chances are that some will not like the price increase and either try to get you to make an exception with them or "leave you."

But if you are building a business that is unique and provides higher value than others in your industry, you need to think of yourself as a surgeon. Some people need a surgeon and some need a general practitioner. Some need a surgeon initially and then are ready to step down to a general practitioner.

If your long-time client doesn't need (or want) all the extra skills and services you provide at a surgeon's rates, then there are plenty of G.P.'s she/he can go to. And just as they created a relationship with YOU, they will eventually do the same with someone else.

And as that person leaves, they are creating a space for someone who needs you more (and is willing to pay you for your higher skills) to step into.

Here's the tapping script I created for her, which she commented back was just what she needed:

Even though I'm upset at losing a long-time client by raising my rates, I forgive, love and accept myself.

Even though I lost a long-time client by raising my rates and it doesn't feel good, I honor their choice like I'm honoring mine.

Even though part of me feels [bad/guilty] that they are leaving because I'm charging more, I choose to remember that this is about me helping more people in a bigger way.

TH: I lost an old client
EB: I feel bad for them
SE: I feel bad for me
UE: I don't like this feeling
UN: I'm sad to see them go
CH: I'm even a little mad that they're leaving me
CB: Am I doing the right thing?
UA: Maybe I should make an exception for them
WR: Do they think I'm greedy?
TH: I don't want them to be mad at me

Check rating. Tap another round or two until at a 6 or less, then go to next round.

Even though….(repeat from above)

TH: It still doesn't feel good that they are leaving me
EB: Part of me has doubts about raising my rates on my loyal clients
SE: But maybe it's a good thing
UE: Maybe they've outgrown me
UN: Or I've outgrown them.
CH: Maybe this is making more space for someone who needs me more
CB: There are other people who can serve them for their needs
UA: They're just not my ideal client anymore
WR: Maybe I've outgrown them
TH: And it's a good thing that both of us are free to find someone that's a better fit
EB: I'm sending them love
SE: And know that they will be guided to the best choice for them now
UE: I'm sending myself love
UN: And know that space has opened up for someone who is praying for the help I can give
CH: I'm shedding my old skin, that I've outgrown
CB: That's a good thing
UA: I love and accept myself for growing out of my old skin
WR: I step into the higher vision I have for myself and my business
TH: As I release people, thoughts, habits and things that no longer serve me, I keep the cycle of giving and receiving going

Check rating. Keep tapping next round (change any wording as appropriate) until a 0.

Let me know if this tapping script helped you with a similar sitiuation.

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