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magic hat and wand with clipping pathManifest New Clients "Like Magic"

As a business owner, you are constantly in the activity of marketing and promoting your business to get new clients. There seems to be so many ways that you've been told to be able to do this–networking, speaking, social media, writing articles, etc. The focus of a majority of my blog posts are geared toward helping you learn such ways and encouraging you to take action on them.

But today I want to share with you a quick activity that is more about "allowing" than "doing" and can have very surprising results in getting new clients.

There's a saying, "Nature abhors a vacuum." This essentially means that when there is empty space, it tends to eventually get filled. Whether that space is physical (like a closet), mental (your mind/thoughts), or time (like empty space on your calendar).

An empty closet doesn't go long without collecting items; your mind doesn't go long without filling silent moments with thoughts and mental chatter; "unassigned time" on your calendar is soon filled with some activity by default or choice. 

Therefore, if you want more clients, a quick "manifesting" tip to let the Universe more quickly bring them to you is to create file folders for each new client that you want to bring in this week/month. 

  1. Take a file folder and fill it with whatever paperwork you normally have for new clients. Maybe it's a questionnaire, a contract, a schedule, an invoice, etc. Perhaps it's several items. If you normally paper clip, staple, or use file fasteners to secure the sheets, and or have them in a certain order, follow those procedures as well. 
  2. On the file tab, write something like "January Client #1," or "6-session package client #1 ," or "Breakthrough Program Client #1." You could even choose to write a specific person's name on the file if you have a prospect that you want to become a client..
  3. Repeat this process with as many new clients as you want to manifest, writing "#2," "# 3," etc.
  4. Put the folders in full site (in a neat and organized way) or in a file drawer where you normally store your client files. You don't necessarily have to look at them every day (your subconscious and the Universe know they are there, empty, waiting to be filled), but if you want to, you can purposefully look at them every day.

That's it! Simply follow these steps and hold the energy/intention of allowing these files to be filled with your ideal clients in the time frame desired. Then continue with your normal, well-planned activities to find new clients, while the Universe works IT'S "magic" as well! I've done this many times over the years since I learned this little trick, and my folders always get filled!

Let me know what transpires for you this month when you've done this manifesting activity. I'm off to create more empty files!

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Your partner in success,

Lisa Smith
Marketing, Mindset & Manifesting Coach

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