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Like Attracts Like–The Law of Attraction

The 3rd Law I will share with you in this Universal Laws series is the Law of Attraction. This has become a buzz phrase and thought process for many people since the release of "The Secret."

"To desire is to expect; to expect is to achieve." Both desire and expectation are essential. As I mentioned in the previous post on the Law of Supply, you cannot desire for something unless it already exists. 

Holliwell discusses several things that are necessary to create the magnetizing energy to draw what you want to you.

"Expectation is a drawing force of the mind, which acts in the ivisible realm." Likewise, Desire creates this force as well. "The mind is a magnet and attracts whatever corresponds to its ruling state." In other words, you attract what you focus on.

That can work FOR you or AGAINST you, for if what you're focusing on (and putting strong emotion behind) is what you DON'T WANT/FEAR, you will as surely draw the things and conditions that are in harmony with that as if you are focusing on what you want and desire.

"Science has convincingly proven the existence and constant operation of the law of mental attraction" (for example, the placebo effect). "Our predominant mental attitude is the primary cause of most everything that comes into our lives. And the sooner we realize this truth, the sooner we shall begin to improve our lives and progress."

When we adopt this knowledge as the ruling principle in our lives, we will engage the Law and use it to help us achieve more of what we want. Obstacles, challenges, and discouragement from others, instead of stopping us, will be recognized as gifts to strengthen our resolve to continue forward and take action. Every stumbling block becomes a stepping stone to success.

This strengthened resolve will lead us to greater chances of growth. It's like building a muscle.

Holliwell shares the 3 steps to build up your ability to attract what you WANT, and with greater speed.

1. Develop and hold strong in mind an INTEREST in that which you desire. Stay focused on it and take action within your interest (e.g., engage in activities that surround or involve that which you are interested in). You will then engage more of the attracting force and notice more opportunities and circumstances that match it. This is, in essence, programming the "reticular activator" of the brain, which is the filtering system for what to consciously notice and what to "ignore."

2. Hold firm to the feeling, idea, and virtue of TRUTH in the same way as interest. Holliwell cautions that truth will be challenged in many ways and so its firmness of taking root will not happen overnight. However, as you find your interest in truth so taken up with your thoughts, you will attract less and less deceit and dishonesty.

3. The last step is EXPECTATION. Holliwell describes it as intention with intensity, like a cat laying patiently in wait at the mouse hole, believing he will get the mouse eventually. "When you believe in the probability of success in your undertaking, you experience the keenest interest in your work…intensified with expectation. Through this you will draw to you the success you are working for… 

But you will only be able to enjoy what you are able to expect. If in your heart you doubt or fear that what you need will be met only in part or not at all, you can know that you will receive that much and no more," warns Holliwell.

Therefore, when your prayers are mixed with fear and doubt about receiving what you want, you dilute the energy of the attraction force, and will only receive the greatest amount of the lowest thought.

This reminds me of a song by one of my favorite inspirational musicians, Karen Drucker, titled "Get a Bigger Pan." You can read the words to it online here.

The lesson of the third law is: what you hold intently in your mind, believing with faith, trust, interest & expectation, you will receive.

The next Law I will discuss in this series is the Law of Receiving.

Are you operating in alignment with the Law of Attraction, or are you operating from fear of doubt? How is this keeping you from attracting lots of ideal clients and making more money with less effort and more fun? If your results are not demonstrating an abundance of what you want, I can help you move from an abundance of struggle to an abundance of ease and plenty! Schedule a complimentary MMM Strategy Session to identify how your thoughts are sabotaging your efforts and how you can begin to turn them around.


Your partner in success,

Lisa Smith
Marketing, Mindset & Manifesting Coach



  1. There are a few simple principles and steps to help you look at your life differently and develop a new true self image, which will in turn, translate into the success you are seeking: Take 100% responsibility for whatever is going on in your life. Once you realize it is just your tapes playing, you can choose to stop them. They are like programs in the computer of your mind.

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