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Is Your Mind More Weeds Than Flowers?

In a session the other day with a client, I was attempting to find a metaphor to describe the process of creating change in the mind and the techniques I use to do that.

If you've got a mind that is overgrown with barren ground and weeds (negative thoughts), it's going to be hard to grow anything there. Yet a spot clear of weeds and with soil that is rich, sown & filled with lots of nutrients can grow flowers, vegetables, herbs, or anything else it desires.

The challenge is how to pull the weeds that are invariably there, and how to get the flowers growing. For some solutions to this dilemma, and what helped my client, read on.

If you think of your mind like a garden, the subconscious is like the soil in which things are planted, grown & harvested. Many times the soil (the values we've been instructed to adopt and the experiences in which we find ourselves) is hard, undernourished, overused, and ignored. Yet sometimes, or in spots, it can be rich in nutrients and TLC.  

This reminds me of the biblical parable of The Sower and the Seed:

A man went out to sow seeds in his field. Some of the seeds fell on the pathway that runs between the fields, but because the earth there was very hard, the seeds could not get into the ground, and the birds ate them. Some of the seeds fell on the thin soil and though the plants came up quickly, they soon died because the seeds could not develop deep roots. Some of the seeds fell on the soil where they could grow, but there were so many weeds that the new plants were choked by the weeds and died. Other seeds fell on good soil that was soft and deep and nourished and clear. The seeds took root, grew strong and thrived, producing many times over.

What is growing in your field that works for you and that is also in alignment with that you are wanting to think, feel, do? Is your mind open, fertile soil, or hard and closed? When you discover the answer to that, that is where a lot of the work has to be done.

As I mentioned to my client, the experiences we have, the meaning we apply to those events, and the emotions that those meanings produce in us are either planting and producing weeds or flowers.  

If the weeds begin to outnumber, crowd out, and eventually strangle the flowers that are there or trying to grow, there's a wild and scary jungle instead of a beautiful and bountiful garden.

Pulling the weeds (preferably by the roots) and renourishing/tending the soil (creating a new perception about past experiences and the willingness to do things differently) will allow for the most ideal field in which to plant the seeds of positivity and future goals.

I use clearing techniques such as EFT and the Lefkoe Belief Elimination process to pull the weeds and nurture the soil, while using hypnosis to create and plant new seeds of hope, positivity & habits that replace what was cleared.

These techniques will yield faster results than what most people use (e.g., "will power" or talking to themselves, which are at the level of the conscious mind) and tend to give up on.


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Lisa Smith
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