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"I know I should do _______, but I'm not."

How many times do you find yourself uttering these words? You know there's something that you need to be doing to achieve your goals, but you can't seem to make the time or the effort to do it.

Most people KNOW what to do to lose weight, stop smoking, get more sales, improve their relationship, grow their business, etc., but they're not doing it. Why is that?

These "should-do's" are usually something you keep telling yourself (and others) that you'll get around to, often even set some "start dates," but they come and go (a reasonable "excuse" comes up that seems more important). Occasionally, you do get started with it, but don't stick with it for long.

The problem is that the conscious mind may think about and want to do it, but the subconscious mind perceives some "downside" to starting or achieving it.

The perceived downside may be in the moment, or the past (there may be some pain associated with it from the past), or the perceived future effect. Here are some examples:

In the Moment
1. It's not a fun task for you
2. It's hard or awkward for you to do
3. You're not exactly sure how to do it
4. It might feel embarrassing to do it
5. Something else seems more urgent for you right then
6. It isn't aligned with your values 

In the Past
1. You did something similar in the past and it created some type of pain
2. You know someone who did it, for whom it didn't seem to turn out well
3. Your family/culture/religion told you that it wasn't something that you should do

In the Future
1. You fear being judged by others about doing it (or how you do it)
2. You fear being rejected in doing it (e.g., asking someone out or making a sales call)
3. You think you'll have to give up something important to you to do it
4. You're afraid it will make things worse instead of better
5. You'e afraid it won't make a difference and then you won't know what else to do

Which one of these feelings and beliefs can you idenitfy with in regard to some of those "should do's" on your list? Did you get a surprising "aha" about any of them?

The bad news is that until one of the reasons TO do it becomes more powerful or urgent than the reason(s) NOT to do it, you will stay stuck.

The good news is that you CAN change these blockers. But it will happen more easily and rapidly when you use subconscious and emotional repatterning techniques like the ones my clients experience with me.

Hypnosis, EFT, Lefkoe Belief Elimination, and other modalities I use are so much quicker, easier, and lasting than what most people turn to to try to make change. This is why the majority of them think change is hard and takes a long time (another limiting belief that can keep you stuck).

Call To Action
Take some time to write down your "should list" and why putting them on your "done/doing" list is important to you.
What positive impact do you anticipate they can have for you?
Which blockers are getting in your way?
How are you going to commit to changing that NOW?


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Your partner in success,

Lisa Smith
Marketing, Mindset & Manifesting Coach

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