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  How Do You Answer the Question, “How's Business?”
  Guest Blog Post—Karen Graves

Did you ever get the question, “How’s business?” and feel completely stuck?

I often see people give a “deer-in-the-headlights” look before staring down at their feet and mumbling an answer like, “It’s okay.  Could be better,” or exclaim, “Great!” which is then followed by an awkward silence because they don’t want to go into detail.

It’s quite funny really.  Everyone asks the question and very few are ever fully prepared to answer it.

When someone asks you, “How’s business?” how do you answer?  Are you honest?  Does it depend on who is asking? Does it depend on time of day? Do you even know?  And if you know, what do you want others to know?

If you’re stuck on the answer it could be because you don’t like what you see or it could be because you really don’t know.

Either way, the honesty is where credibility lies.

You see, this is one of those questions where someone is either sizing you up as a potential customer or client or they want to see if you are who you say you are.

It’s an opportunity for you to show what you know.

If you stammer or appear unsure, that’s the perception of you and your ability to manage your business.  If you are aptly prepared and confidently respond, then you are seen as someone who knows their business. You are then, a leader.

Every response you give is an opportunity to make the best impression, which can lead to someone doing business with you.

So I ask you, “How’s business?”

Would love to read your thoughts and comments on this article.

Karen Graves, founder and CEO of, is a Sales Success Mentor who turns salesphobics into salesaholics. Want to learn how you can eliminate your fear of sales, get more clients, and have the business of your dreams? Set up a complimentary Quick Fix Diagnostic Session with Karen today.
Lisa's Comments:

This is a great question to think of a response to deliver consistently each and every time someone asks it of you.

My lessons and beliefs about “What you speak, you claim” have conditioned me to always answer with what I intend or envision for my business. Even if the outer appearance at the current time tries to fool me into thinking that business is “bad,” I simply reply, “I love my business. It's getting better all the time!” This not only feels authentic to me to say, but it strengthens my faith that this is truly the case.

In contemplating Karen's post, however, I think I'll add something to the end of that, which could be a conversation-starter and lead-generator. Perhaps something like, “In fact, I'm looking for business owners who can't say this but would like to, so I can coach them into a turnaround. Do you know anyone like that?”

Do you have some ways that you have effectively answered this question, or ideas that were sparked for you that you're willing to try? Click “Comment” and share!


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