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Reduce Your Emails by 24% in 4 Simple Steps and Gain an Hour a Day
Araceli Gonzalez, G
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According to a report done by the Radicati Group on email statistics, we receive an average of 75 emails daily, 13 of those being junk email. We send an average of 35 emails each day, which gives us a whopping average of four hours on email duties daily!

If you are a service-based professional, this means that half of your day is spent in your email inbox and only four hours are spent doing your genius work (assuming you work 8 hours). If you are looking to grow your business and make more money, the math doesn’t add up, does it?

I’m not going to bore you with the reasons why getting too much email can dramatically reduce your productivity because I assume you already know that. What I will do is share the four things you can do right after reading this post to reduce your email intake by 24%, which translates into an hour a day. This translates into a pretty good deal! What could you do with an extra hour today?

Here are 4 simple steps to begin to reduce your time spent with email:

Unsubscribe from 6 lists. Preferably the lists that send you daily emails. If you are not reading the emails sent but are taking the time to delete, go ahead and open one and unsubscribe at the bottom of the email. This action will save you at least six emails a day. You can start by looking at the emails that come from stores or online clubs you hardly participate in.

Mark as spam. There are some emails you don’t have an option to unsubscribe from. In this case, mark them as spam (if they truly are) and let your email server do the trashing for you. Some email platforms will continue to send emails even after you ask to be removed. Please make sure they are truly spam, as there are consequences for sending unauthorized emails and you don’t want to get someone in trouble if you legitimately gave permission.

Don’t reply to all. When receiving an email sent to a group, unless specified, don’t reply to all. If you do, you will also receive the emails of all others replying to all. That chain of emails can go on forever. If you must, reply to the person who originated the email and leave it as that.

Blog posts don’t belong in your email. If you stumble upon a blog with really good content, please don’t subscribe to their blog with your email address. Instead, join their RSS feed and send your favorite blogs to a place like Google Reader, where you can go at your leisure and read on your schedule, not theirs.

Take five minutes and execute these four steps today. You will be 24% closer to taming the emails in your inbox once and for all.

Araceli Gonzalez is the Founder & CEO of Be Productive Today, LLC, a company dedicated to helping you–the self-employed professional and business owner–take back your life and time by learning how to run a productive and efficient business. To learn more about Araceli and to claim your free copy of the eBook, “Get It Done! Your Complete Guide to Your Next 30 Days” visit



Share in the comments section below any other tactics that have helped YOU decrease the amount of emails you receive.

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