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kick to curbHow to Quickly Kick Your Negative Self-Talk to the Curb

"You're not good enough to do that." "No one cares what you have to say." "You have to be perfect or people will criticize you."I'm such an idiot!" "I'm never going to be successful." "They must have been laughing at me." "Everyone else has it all together, but not me." "This is never going to work." "If I ask them to work with me they're going to think I just want their money." "I can't afford that.

Are these the kinds of thoughts taking up residence in your head, repeating themselves over and over again? This is what is referred to as "negative self-talk" or "negative inner dialogue." It is pervasive and powerfully destructive. In fact it is the #1 cause of all failure or inability to achieve what you want in life. No matter how much money, skill, knowledge, or resources you have, you inner critical voice will sabotage it ALL. Unless you learn to fight back. Here's how.

Most people have heard of "positive affirmations." Repeating over and over again–preferably out loud–statements affirming your worth, value, confidence, abilites, etc. Basically, feed your mind the opposite of what it is currently feeding itself.

Affirmations are a step in the right direction, but are like kindergarten in the level of self-growth and transformation tools. If you'd like to fast-track the alteration of your inner dialog to create quicker, easier and more lasting change that creates more successful actions, here are some of my favorite tools:

1. Begin to cite positive affirmations in the mirror. Here's a great example of how to do that. Now you might not be able to stand up on the sink like this little girl, but you CAN learn from her positive statements and enthusiasm:







2. To be more directive with your affirmations toward business success, download my "Affirmations for a Busines Owner Mindset" audio for FREE here (normally only available to my private clients or purchase on my webstie): download

3. Use EFT along with your positive affirmations (or to eliminate the ways you put yourself down) to give them even more energy and intention. Tap each of the meridian points as you say the positive affirmations.

4. Ask me about purchasing my Busines Owner's Mindset hypnosis audo (geared toward women) to help reprogram your mind in the background.

5. Sign up to receive free Mind Moves, or purchase a setup kit to make your own for as little as $50. Mind Movies are like affirmation movies. They engage the emotions about your goals that make them feel compelling to go out and ask/do, and attract more positive experiences to you. Sign up to receive 6 Mind Movies on different popular goals here:

Call to Action

Choose at least one of these resources to pick up and run with. Before you know it, the old negative thoughts will be replaced with the new positive thoughts and you will be able to think and act in a way tha creates that vision.

Do you need help transforming negative, pessimistic thoughts and beliefs into more positive and affirming ones so you can experience more abundance in your business?  Schedule a complimentary MMM Strategy Session with me 
to identify what thoughts and beliefs you are holding that are holding you back from creating more success doing what you love, and share IMMEDIATE steps to take so you can get more clients and make a difference in more lives!

Your partner in success,

Lisa Smith
Marketing, Mindset & Manifesting Coach

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