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How To Keep Your Brand Fresh, Relevant, And Buzzworthy
Martina Zorc, Guest Blogger

Growing a thriving, profitable, and impactful business requires a strong foundation of an irresistible brand that helps you stand out, and attract your ideal, high paying clients. Branding is an ongoing adventure, though, so creating your brand once and forgetting about it will neither serve you nor the people whose lives you're meant to touch.

Everything you do in business has a reflection on your brand, and vice versa. If done strategically, the imagination, creativity, and passion you put into shaping your "star brand" will pay off in more than one way–resulting in more income, higher profits, a bigger reach, and a snowball of business-building opportunities.

Here is how to avoid the magic of a breathtaking, reliable, and memorable brand ever fading away…

Keep it fresh
Review your brand strategy every six months, and rethink all your brand elements in the light of what has been going on in your business, in your industry, and in the world.

  • Does your brand language need tweaking so it will be more in tune with
    your favorite type of clients?
  • Do you need to refresh or uplevel your brand image so it stays in alignment
    with the (multiple) six- or seven-figure business you've set out to make?

As you evolve, your brand has to evolve with you, or you risk a disconnect that your audience will notice for sure. Reinvention will keep your brand fresh and exciting to follow, model, and become a raving fan of.

Keep it relevant
Observe the trends, stay informed on the latest events, and keep a finger on the pulse of
what your market wants and craves now, as opposed to six months or a year ago. In business, things change at a rapid and relentless pace, so stay alert and keep your brand relevant through "mind reading" offers your prospects won't be able to refuse; publicity hooks the media won't be able to resist, and an overall attitude of an "it" brand that one simply must follow.

Keep it buzzworthy
If you allow your brand to nod off, regaining momentum is going to be challenging, so instead of letting your brand go dormant, keep it buzzing with events, launches, announcements, contests, associating with centers of influences as well as causes you believe in and support, and, last but not least, innovation. People love feeling involved in something successful, surprising, and meaningful, and they definitely appreciate the entertainment that comes with you boldly and confidently spreading your message.

With that in mind, what's the first step you'll take in the next 24 hours to make your brand more buzzworthy?

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