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4 Ways to Find More Ideal Clients

If you are a coach or healer, you are likely often working yourself out of clients because they are dealing with short-term specific goals/challenges, which you help them resolve in a few sessions or a few months and then they’re “done.”


Although there are sometimes ways you can continue to offer services or products to them for the same or other issues, there are times when they truly don’t need anything else. Then it’s time to find another client to take their place (and the income you were receiving from them).


If your client turnover is frequent, here are a few simple tips to help you find more just like them (especially the ones you loved working with).


Ask for referrals. You know that saying, “Birds of a feather flock together.” Chances are that they have friends, acquaintances or family members who have similar personalities and similar issues. One of your best sources of new clients is from referrals or recommendations by happy clients. Their story about how you helped them creates instant credibility. And you can have a “warm” introduction by your client that will create an easier feeling for everyone.


Share testimonials. When you have a good testimonial that tells a “before and after” story of working with you, and has details about the person’s background or experiences, it’s relatable to other with a similar issue, background and experience. When someone reads a story of success from someone “just like me,” they are more likely to contact you to see if they can do it too. Post your testimonials on your website, in printed materials, on social media like the wall of your Facebook page. Share these stories in networking events, consultations, one-on-ones as real-life examples of how you help people.


Interview your current/past clients. Ask them (survey, over coffee, email) how they found you, where they hang out, what they read, what attracted them to you, what made them decide to pay money to work with you, what their main motivators or pain points were that got them to take action and consult/hire you. Use that information to find the places to market and the trigger points to use in your marketing copy.


Go back to the contact source of your past ideal clients. Keep records of how each client came to you (referral, speaking gig, website, blog post, networking event, newsletter list, etc.). Dip back into that pool and fish some more–especially the top 3 sources. However, make sure there is also a balance of giving to, and not just receiving from, those sources. Add back to where you are fed.


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  1. WOW! You and I are completely simpatico this week! I wrote on a similar topic, but didn’t overlap with your content at all! GREAT work, and a great reminder to your market of the SIMPLEST routes that lead to new clients. I’ll definitely be sharing this!

  2. Jennifer Zach says:

    Great points! All very practical and doable!

  3. Kathy Eckhardt Coaching & Consulting says:

    You’ve got my brain clicking,Lisa!! Thanks.

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