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gratitude why get moreHow Gratitude Improves Your Bottom Line (Especially When Times Are Tough)

What do you do when business isn’t going so well, and all the “doing” you are doing still doesn’t seem to be yielding new business, and you’re starting to feel the fear well up?

Do what I have learned to do: Stop and be grateful.

“What?!” you may exclaim. “How can I be grateful when more money is going out than is coming in?”

It seems counter-intuitive, but being grateful for both what IS and what ISN’T, for what you HAVE and what you DON’T HAVE, is a big key to helping turn things around.

I have proven this time and again in my business (even when I forgot for a while and had to bring myself back to this knowing). So have others.

I invest a lot in my own personal growth as well as practical business tactics by hiring coaches to work with. These are very successful business people in a variety of businesses. And they have taught me about the power of gratitude based on their own experiences.

This is based not only on Universal Law, but also Physical Law. 

Silencing the fear and worry thoughts–and the negative energy and vibration they produce–is the key to re-aligning yourself with not only the Universe but also with the problem-solving part of your brain.

Law of attraction principles (as well as Biblical ones, e.g., “like begets like” or “thoughts in mind produce after their kind”) tell us that gratitude emits a very high energetic frequency that then allows a “tuning fork” vibration that attracts similarly charged things to be drawn to us. That can include people, resources, and experiences. So when we hold thoughts of gratitude, we become like a magnet to draw better things to us.

Physiologically, gratitude also creates scientifically measurable changes in frequency from the brain and most especially from the heart that affects our bodies.

According to the Institute of HeartMath® (IHM), a recognized leader in researching the physiology of emotions, appreciation and other positive emotions can synchronize brain and heart rhythms, creating a bodywide shift to a scientifically measurable state called coherence. In this optimal state, the body’s systems generate a greater balance of emotions as well as increased mental clarity and brain function.

When the brain is in an unappreciative, frustrated, worried or other negative state, it is suppressing the forebrain (which is where creative thinking and problem solving derives from) and activating the hind brain (the fight-or-flight or freeze mechanism that blocks clear thinking and problem solving).

Taking time and attention to focus on feelings of gratitude may seem like something that’s relegated to church lectures. But it is really a principle that will serve you well in business because:

1) you’ll be able to better attract people/resources/circumstances to you that will help you build your business, get clients, make money and

2) you’ll be tapping into the creative, problem-solving part of your brain that will help you come up with creative solutions or new ideas to turn things around.


There are many ways to get into a state of gratitude to activate this energetic and physiological shift. Perhaps you have some you’ve done in the past or practice regularly. Share them here in the comments section. Next week I’ll share some of my favorites, as well as ones from my clients and your comments.

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  1. Betty Withrow says:

    For me the prayer that has the fastest and most powerful uplifiting effect to remind me of gratitude is "The Lord is my Light and my Salvation.  Of whom shall I be afraid?"  Remembering this powerful prayer puts things right into perspective. Another one is the quote from Rumi, "Gratitude is the true fruit.  Abundance is only the husk."   I take time every day to read what those who have lived before us have written and be grateful for their guidance.

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