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david neagleHow Can You Get Help When You Have No Money to Pay for Coaching?
Guest Blog, David Neagle

Today's blog post comes from one of my favorite mentors, David Neagle, from his portal “The Neagle Code: Directions for Life.”

Question: When your world is falling apart and you do not have the money or access to money to get help from ‘a coach’ how do you keep pushing for the breakthrough?

Answer:  Fantastic question!

First, let’s get some perspective. Your world is never REALLY falling apart. I know at times it may seem like it, but take comfort in knowing that you create your own reality. Instead of looking at your situation as negative, try to identify how it serves you for it to be happening.

Do you need to let go of something you should have let of a long time ago?

Are you experiencing changes in your life that will eventually lead to a better and more free “you”?

OR ….


Are you resisting doing something that is causing the breakdown?

Second, you have the same amount of money as everyone else on this planet. Spirit didn’t wake up one day and establish a pecking order for who should get money and who shouldn’t. Everyone has the same amount of potential, the same amount of opportunity, and the same amount of money, if they are willing to do what it takes to become aware of it.

You must change your thinking immediately. You must flip the coin, and look at all the possibilities instead of all the IMpossibilities.

Sit down with a pen and a piece of paper right now.

Seriously. Stop reading this and get a piece of paper and pen.

At the top of your piece of paper write “My Universal Bank Account”.

Now number the left hand side from 1 to 30.

Put your pen in front of #1 and write down one way for you to bring money into your awareness. Allow your mind to open, to dream, to fantasize.

Have fun with this, and above all DO NOT CENSOR your ideas.

Continue with the list.

Who can you ask?

What can you sell?

What can you do?

Who can you be?

You’ll be amazed what pops into your head. You MUST NOT STOP until you have all 30 on your list. Usually the best ideas come at numbers 26-30.

Once you have your list, take action. Spirit has just shown you through your own hand where the money you need is located. Now you MUST take action. And it’s in taking action that the next opportunity will be shown to you.

Here’s the truth. If you desire something, it has to be already here. If you desire to hire a coach, the money must be here. IT MUST BE!!

The problem is usually that most are not willing to do what they need to do to become aware that what they desire is right in front of them.

And finally, please don’t push for a breakthrough. Breakthroughs don’t happen by sitting at home and willing for them to happen.

Breakthroughs happen in the midst of an experience.

That’s right, you must EXPERIENCE a breakthrough.

And I have a sneaking suspicion that if you complete your list and begin taking action, you’ll get the breakthrough you’re looking for…

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Comment from Lisa:
This was a good reminder for me that when I am "stuck" and can't seem to manifest the resource or answer or experience that I am needing/desiring, that I am resisting doing something that God/Spirit/the Universe has already presented to me as a means to bring it about. There cannot be a problem without a solution, and there cannot be a desire felt or a need created until its way to achieve it as already present! As David reminds us, be really honest and ask yourself what idea(s) you've dismissed or resisted doing; then, DO IT! You'll not only get what you want but you'll also stretch yourself to become the person you need to be to keep manifesting more and not have that same problem again.

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If you recognize this as a issue for you in your business, let's talk!  Schedule a complimentary MMM Strategy Session with me to see what you may be resisting or ignoring, and how being willing to invest in coaching can help you break free!

Your partner in success,

Lisa Smith
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