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Getting Strategic with Your Speaking!
Guest Blogger, Lizabeth Phelps

In my first post two weeks ago, I wrote that your power as a public speaker lies in your energy because your energy is contagious.

Last week, I shared how most of my students come to understand that, but when they get off-stage and have to articulate the value of their business, their energy collapses. The key to powerfully describing what you do comes first in knowing whom you serve and then in knowing your “Business Thesis” or contention about what they must do to succeed. And I explained how your entire business rests on this thesis.

Today, I’m going to explain that—because it circles back to what you should be speaking about.

The biggest mistake I see service providers make is delivering hodge-podge programs and talks about everything under the sun, without a single theme or a finely executed strategic purpose.

Every time you speak, you must know how (and where) that talk falls in your overall business strategy. But this is rarely ever the case. So, what do you need to know to determine that plan? What your business is all about. The single theme of your entire business. That’s what your Business Thesis delivers—the contention you have for your market about what they must do. All of my clients come to me saying they have half-a-dozen such contentions; I whittle them down to one. And that one contention is what you build your business on.

Then, you have a single strategic goal: to create a Signature Program from it—the star “money maker” in your business that helps your market achieve what they want in the way you contend they should. Now, your Signature Program can be a speaking event itself—as in a 1-, 2-, or even 5-day live event—or it can be a one-to-one program. But how you fill that Signature Program is definitely a speaking event.

I call it your “Portal Program” because it is the “portal into your business.” It is the live or virtual event that enables your market to get a taste of your thesis, a taste of your Signature Program.

So, rather than have that helter-skelter mess of different presentations and telecalls, you have a very strategic and streamlined systematic plan: you speak to get your market into your Signature Program, and you speak to get people into your Portal Program. No other topics needed.

Let me carry forward my example from last week. I proposed that a Brain-Sticky (compelling, memorable, and original) articulation of value for one service provider might be: I help mothers of newborns who desperately want to breastfeed but are having pain and other complications. I know that the only thing they need is to sing to their baby specific melodies in G-Minor and their infant will be put into a receptive trance.

As I said last week, in this example, the business owner is speaking to a very narrow market, expressing what they urgently want, the problem they have, and then they tease them with a single-sentence “thesis” about what they need in order to get what they want most.

So, what Joe (our business owner) would do is create a Signature Program that fully teaches a mother how to choose songs in G-minor, when to play them, when to stop playing them, how to help the baby latch on during the melody, etc.

After developing that program—the SINGLE star money-maker of his business—he creates a Portal speaking event (live or teleclass/webinar) that teaches mothers about this strategy and allows them to sample these melodies, etc. It is highly educational and effortlessly tantalizes attendees to buy the Signature Program.

Now, Joe can fill the Portal Program via social media, article writing, blogging, etc. But he could also speak at networking lunches, or on telesummits, or as a guest on a radio show to fill it. So, he’s giving a mini-version of the Portal to fill his Portal.

Everything he does, and every single presentation or talk, has one strategic purpose: to fill his Signature Program.

Again, no more disparate, disconnected, inconsistent programs and presentations that destroy a business’s brand identity. Now, everything aligns and everything is strategic—and everything is so much easier!!

When you have been this careful in designing the “step-ladder” of your funnel and program development, you can’t help but crisply and compellingly convey your value! And you can’t help but do it with contagious energy. Plus, knowing that you have a Signature Program that a select market really, really wants—and that you have the very best solution for them—you can’t help but deliver it with infectious energy!

So, now you know what to speak about. Let go of your tangled morass of disconnected talks and programs and get strategic! It all starts with your Business Thesis.

Next week is my last guest post for Marketing, Mindset & Manifesting’s blog. Thank you, Lisa, for this wonderful opportunity. Stay tuned as we come full circle and I share with you the 10 Factors of Learning—what the brain needs in order to learn—that you need to incorporate into your Portal and Signature Programs to extract peak learning and create contagious energy in your events!

Lizabeth Phelps is founder of Inspired Leaders’ Academy, the definitive business school for visionary entrepreneurs changing the world. Find out why you, as such a visionary, are in a different business from everyone else, and how you must do business differently, in a free 4-part video training series at

Comment from Lisa:

Very was very helpful information for understanding the importance of creating speaking opportunities and topics–just like any other of your marketing tactics–with a strategy. Looking over my list of talk topics I offer in my Speaker's Bio, I can say I've stuck to this principle pretty much, but there ARE things I can tighten up, and also remember to create my speaking plan and topics purposefully from now on. Thanks, Lizabeth!

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Lisa Smith
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