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Crystal PinaGetting Leads and Clients with Your Website– 
Featuring a Blog Post, "
Lead Capture Process and Setup" by Crystal Pina

One of the MUSTS I share with my clients is having a "lead-capture" process for their website. Without something on your website that entices visitors to give you their contact information to stay in touch with them, your website is just an expensive, glorified brochure.

People may or may not ever come back or call you. Sometimes people are doing research and are not ready to call you for your services, some are checking out various options, some are looking for some immediate, free help, and only a small percentage will call you right off the bat.

This is why offering them something of value for free that is likely to help them a little with their need or problem (that you solve), show you as an expert, and create "good will" is a necessity to be a a smart marketer and make your website a lead-collection center. 

Then, once you have their contact information you can continue to market to them subtly through a regular newsletter and other emails that are about 80% content and 20% sales offers or "next step" offers (like contacting you for a consultation or signing up for a free teleseminar or live event). It'a sll about offering continued value, communication, and expertise. Give generously and you will receive generously.

I teach my clients how to choose and set up this free offer and continuity system, along with the resources and templates to do so, but if you're not a client (or are a new client), and you want some help understanding and implementing this MUST HAVE system for finding leads and converting them into clients, here is a great post I found by Crystal Pina (read the original blog post here).

The process that a lead goes through when they sign up for yur free gift and newsletter is fairly simple.

1. Your prospect signs up using a form on your website.

2. They are redirected to a Success page that tells them they will need to confirm their email (if you are using a double opt-in, which I highly suggest).

3. They are automatically emailed a link to click on which will confirm that it was indeed them who signed up for the newsletter or free gift.

4. They click on the link and they are redirected to a Thank You page which contains the free download link (if that is what you offered) and welcomes them to your list.

5. The system will automatically send them a second email which can mimic the Thank You page.

You can have any amount of automatically generated emails come after the first Welcome email.

What’s great about this process is that if Person A signs up today, they start with email #1. When Person B signs up tomorrow, they also start with email #1 so all your prospects are taken through the same initial process.


So how do you make this all happen?


There are certain technical things that need to be done for this to happen.

• You will need to purchase an Email service. I recommend  Aweber or MailChimp even if you are using a shopping cart with an email signup/autoresponder included.

• You need to write the 2 initial emails – the confirmation email and the welcome email.

• You need to create 2 web pages, the Success page, and a Thank You page.

• We need to create the free offering, if you are offering something.


Once the set-up is done, we need to create the form for people to sign up. You may have a few different forms depending on where you want the form placed in your website.

You may also need some graphics at this point such as a picture of an ebook or of a CD.

Some places to put the form on your website are:

In a bar at the top of the page
In the header
In a Featured Box on the page
At the top of the right sidebar
As a pop-up
Within the text of pages
As a landing page (squeeze page)
In a newsletter box at the end of your blog posts


I don’t think you’ll want it in ALL of these places, but depending on where it naturally fits, you may want one in many of these places.


Here is where your own personality shines through to your customers. Some people want a very formal newsletter with several sections while others opt for a simple note with a pretty signature. Take a look at the newsletters that you are signed up for. Which ones do you like? Which ones have features that you want to include in your newsletter? Which ones would you like to emulate?

Crystal Pina is the founder and head technical support person of Streamline Your Marketing. They are an Online Marketing Support firm providing consulting, strategizing, support and hands-on assistance to entrepreneurs and small businesses who wish to grow their businesses online. She offers her own free report, "5 Pages Every Website Must Have to Convert Prospects into Clients" on her website and blog. 


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