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Get Clients with Google Analytics to Track Your Website Traffic

I recently held a teleclass with Business Growth Strategist, Dustin Briggs to share information about getting, using & tracking Google Analytics on my website. The information was all things I wish I had known early on in setting up and modifying my website to help me get more business and get more clients.

Although the teleclass is over, you can still get the recording and bonus handouts here, and I will summarize the points that Dustin made on the call.

Dustin Briggs, owner of Digital Navigation, shared simple ways to understand:

* The basics of Google Analytics—what it is and why it’s important to know and use if you have a business website
* How to set up G.A. on your website to begin tracking your website visitors
* What to track and why
* How to find the statistics that G.A. is collecting for you, and what to do with that data
* How to read and understand all those numbers and graphs
* What to do with the data you collect to improve your traffic, get more leads and clients, and increase your revenues from your products and/or services

In the call and the bonus handouts, Dustin described how to set up a Google Analytics account and where to place it on your website so the Google "spiders" (data robots that visit websites and pick up information from them to use in the indexed searches people do on Google every day) will find it. Having this in the right spot is crucial to getting Google to retreive and report back tracking information in your Google Analytics account. I found this out the long, hard way (costing me months of lost data)!

The data about your visits (unique vs. total visitors) and the demographics and internet usage information about those visitors is what Google reports back to you on a daily basis and over time. Knowing this information gives you feedback about how your website is performing and what you need to modify in the elements and copy on your website to increase its visibility in relevant searches by people looking for the information/ products/services you provide.

One major tactic to research and use is "keywords," which are the words your visitors type into the search engine window to find what they are looking for. When you know what keywords are best to use to attract your ideal clients or customers, and incorporate them with some repetition in the copy on your website (or anything else you put out on the world wide web, such as blog posts, videos, articles), you are more likely to get Google to index your business and your website links on the first page of search returns. This is prime real estate and where you want to be!

To hear all the details of these elements and the additional marketing tidbits we shared, sign up to receive a copy of the recording and bonus handouts. I also share some special bonus offers with you as well, so don't miss out!


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Lisa Smith
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