Essential Tips and Motivation for Meeting Girls in Real Life


Can’t you still get her interested and ask her out? You might have heard dozens of excuses about bad weather, a headache, or very important things? In that situation, you should stay positive and find the right approach to the heartthrob you’ve met on and take advantage of small stratagems. Let’s talk about how to get the girl to come on a date.

Take Your Time

Don’t insist on meeting until you get to know each other better and talk for a while. You need to wait until a lady feels affection; after that, she is more likely to agree to go out on a date.

Don’t Push Her

If a girl has doubts, you should ask why she distrusts you and convince her that your meeting will be harmless. But don’t keep trying harshly as it will make a girl think that she hesitated for a reason. 

Make Your Date Invitation Original

Thus, your potential bride will understand she is talking to a man with a good imagination. It’s essential not just to ask her out but to arouse her interest. You can invite her to a movie she has always planned to watch or organize a date at a cafe with her favorite cuisine.

Be Firm

Don’t say the word “date” directly to a woman, as it may scare her away. You can call it just a meeting. There should be confidence and calmness coming from the man. Therefore, the invitation on a date should be clear and sound in the affirmative form rather than in the interrogative. 

Be Ready for Whatever Decision She Will Make

Don’t put forward a proposal for a meeting immediately after the greeting. It’s better first to talk a little on distracted topics and only move on to your goal after that. Get some extra options in reserve if a girl says that she won’t be able to see you on this date. You should immediately determine the meeting date. Otherwise, the question can be postponed indefinitely. 

Don’t Let Distract You

Remind her of the date beforehand. If she constantly comes up with excuses not to go on a date, but you are still interested in her, you can fix the situation with humor. For example, say, “You have such a busy schedule that you have already refused me five times. Maybe you will agree at least for a change this time?”

Experiment With Various Tricks

If you are already seeing and talking, and there is no need to transfer dating from the Internet to reality, everything might become much easier. It’s enough to catch the moment and do it right. When you study or work together, add some romance and drop a note. Suggest going to a movie, a cafe, or somewhere else. You can write in the memo “Yes,” “Definitely yes,” “Tomorrow,” and “Ask me again.” If the plan doesn’t work, the girl just won’t return the note.

When you meet her, compliment her appearance. Ask about the news and offer to take a walk/lunch/ somewhere together.

Ask for help. Maybe you need to pick out an outfit, a gift for mom, or something she’s good at. This will be a great excuse to meet and will emphasize your attention to the girl. 

Write Compelling Messages 

On a dating site or social media, your only tool is correspondence. Be polite and choose the right moment to invite her. Don’t ask her out if she is telling you something important right now. Do it at a convenient time — not early in the morning or late in the evening. Make sure she is in a good mood and communicates openly. For example, using the following phrases:

  • I know a place you’re sure to like. I won’t tell you where it is, but I can show you. Shall we go?
  • You’ve been wondering … . I know something about it, I can tell you over a cup of coffee. Why don’t we meet tomorrow at seven?
  • You’re the only one who likes horror movies as much as I do. Shall we go to the movies and see the new horror movie?
  • You know so much about art! I’m a complete novice, but I want to go to the new exhibition. Will you keep me company?

If it’s not the first time a girl has refused, and her reasons sound like empty promises or nonsense, most likely, she really isn’t particularly interested in going out with you. It’s worth looking at other profiles on the dating site or pretty ladies around you. There are a lot of cute girls who are ready for a close and strong relationship. So, it doesn’t always make sense to waste your time on a girl who stubbornly refuses you.