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Business-Building Help on a Budget

Whether you're starting a busines part time or full time, you MUST get support in the way of information and resources. This is especially true if you don't have any marketing, sales, or business training.

As I've explained in my marketing copy, you can't just be good at what you do or have a great product–you need to learn to take care of all the aspects of your business. If you don't learn and get good at these skills, you will more than likely fail at being self-employed.

Although you may be starting out with a "shoestring" budget, you MUST have some budget planned for supporting your business. It's going to take money to fund the necessary basic elements of your business (I'll write more on what those would be in an upcoming post). If you don't have money to invest in your business, YOU DON'T HAVE A BUSINESS.

That being said, there are some no-cost and low-cost ways to get started learning what you don't already know. Below are all the things I availed myself of as I was starting my hypnotherapy and coaching business.

Free Help

1. Electronic newsletters/Ezines written by experts in the various aspects of starting and growing a business; usually delivered once a week or bi-weekly

2. Blogs (subscribe to receive email posts or RSS feeds); if you haven't subscribed to this Marketing, Mindset & Manifesting blog, you can do so here

3. Offers of audio recordings (like the one I offer, "The 3 Keys You MUST Master To Attract Your Ideal Clients And Make More Money With Less Effort & More Fun")

4. Telecalls/webinars (informational presentations by phone/on your computer) and telesummits (a series of sponsored telecalls presented over a period of time, such as a week or a month) 

5. YouTube videos (check out my YouTube channel)

6. Sample coaching sessions/strategy sessions/discovery sessions/consultations the experts usually offer in their freebies

Although I relied a lot on these early on, I soon realized the limitations of these freebies–they were sporadic pieces of information that didn't give me as much of the "how to" or big picture step-by-step help that I needed.

I then began to invest some money into the paid help that was offered by the experts through the freebies.

Low-Cost Help

I qualify low-cost help as $20-$200. This type of help contains more details of how to implement ideas/steps, worksheets or templates, step-by-step guidelines, and additional resources. Because you pay for them, you usually take them more seriously and USE THEM.

Examples of low-cost resources:

1. E-Books (here's one of mine)

2. Books (see some of my recommended favorites)

3. Telesummit recordings

4. Home study systems

Coaching is a MUST to Include in Your Budget

One thing to NEVER skimp on with your business is investing in expert advice. And the more you are willing to pay for this expert advice and guidance, the more information and support you will receive and the quicker you will advance your business.

Being a coach myself, I realized the value, benefit and importance of coaching. Even though I told myself for a long time that "I can't afford to hire a coach" I finally realized I needed help to move my slightly profitable but stagnant business to the next lever, and I could no longer NOT afford to hire a coach. Once I did, that's when things started to shift for me and my business.

Each time I want to get to another level, I spend MORE on coaching. And it always ends up paying for itself.


Are you investing in your business with personalized expert guidance? If you're not getting ideal clients and making more money with less effort and more fun, we need to talk! Schedule a complimentary MMM Strategy Session with me to identify the top three things you need to focus on NOW to create a successful business–and IMMEDIATE steps to take so you can sign more clients and make a difference in more lives!

Your partner in success,

Lisa Smith
Marketing, Mindset & Manifesting Coach


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