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Build Your Business with the MasterMind Principle (Business Help)

I first heard about the mastermind principle in church. My Unity church actually had a mastermind group that met after the service for the first couple of months that I started going. I only attended a couple of the meetings, as I wasn't in business for myself at that point. Shortly after that, I was first exposed to Think & Grow Rich, which I listened to on an audio cassette kit I had bought. It began to open my mind to bigger things for myself. I listened to it many times over.

In the success classic, Think & Grow Rich, Napolean Hill defines the 'Master Mind' as: "Coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for the attainment of a definite purpose." He  goes on to claim, "No individual may have great power without availing himself of the Master Mind."

About 9 years ago, now with my own part-time business, I joined my first mastermind group, which was comprised of all women from my church or friends of them. As I was now a business owner, it was even more relevant and helpful to me at that point in my life and I loved the group dynamics, feedback, brainstorming, support, and accountability it provided.

Since then, I have belonged to several mastermind groups. They have varied in size (as few as 3 people, as many as 80), length (4 months to 4 years and counting), frequency (once a month, once a week), and participants/focus (church members, solo business owners, all-women, coed, all coaches, study theme). Some I have initiated, though most others had initiated. A few have been free and with shared responsibility of leading, and others have been part of a paid program led by a business coach.

One particularly good one was focused around studying, discussing, and applying the principles of each chapter of the Think & Grow Rich book. We met for almost a year, then people started to get pulled in other directions and we fell apart. I did get a lot out of that group, though, and am still in contact with some of the members. My most recent, year-long MasterMind group was led by a business coach, contained about 80 members (95% women biz owners), interacted by phone monthly, email forum daily, and in person 3 times over the course of a year. Although a majority of the original group have finished our year, we continue to mastermind through a new forum we created on Facebook.

Perhaps the most valuable one to me has been the one that is still ongoing, albeit in a modified fashion and meeting only once a month now. It started right at the time I was jumping into my business full time and was comprised of all coaches. There were 6 of us and we "met" by phone once a week for about 90 minutes. It was such a Godsend to me at that time of uncertainty, anxiety, and isolation working on my own from my home. I honestly don't know if I would have made it through all the ups and downs of that time (both with my business and my personal life) if it weren't for those weekly calls.

The support, brainstorming and cheerleading were perhaps the most valuable to me. I had no other way to get these crucial elements other than through my mastermind group. Having other people's experiences, perspectives, ideas, and contacts to add to your own is a main benefit to being in a mastermind group. As Hill mentioned, Henry Ford only had the idea of a "horseless carriage," but no education or skills to carry it out into manifestation. By surrounding himself with people who had what he lacked, they created one of the most important pieces of technology to revolutionize the transportation industry and change the face of the world. And they became very wealthy doing it! This is but one of the examples Hill gives in "Think & Grow Rich" to support the power of the mastermind principle.

It's important, also, not to ignore the Spiritual element to the MasterMind principle. Make no mistake about it, there is a higher power and energy that is created when two or more gather with the intent and purpose of creation. This fact has been proven in many ways throughout history and example. Such groups are infused with THE Master Mind–the force that created all. Call it God, the Universe, Spirit, Allah, the I Am, or whatever, there is a power far greater than us that is here to guide and assist us in harnessing whatever resources we need to achieve our desires.

I cannot recommend MasterMinding enough for business owners. If you are not part of one, make a point to join or create one in some form. With the right group, you WILL make greater strides in your business.

As you can see from my examples, there are many ways you can participate in and structure a mastermind group. For maximum impact and longevity, however, I recommend following some structure to creating and running your group. The best guideline for doing this is what I learned from my training with Jack Canfield. You can access it through his Success Principles website.

For more about Napolean Hill and the Napolean Hill Foundation's MasterMind Club, go to:

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Lisa Smith
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