Are You Willing to Invest in Your Self and Your Business?

One of the biggest mistakes new business owners make -- especially those who are struggling -- is not investing in themselves and their business. I made this common mistake early on in my business, too. My lack-consciousness and money beliefs kept me from spending money on resources and training that would have helped me progress much faster in growing my business. ... (read more...)

You Must Take 100% Responsibility

As adults, we are 100% responsible for the circumstances and results we create in our lives. That means no longer blaming others or things outside our selves for where we are and what we've experienced. No longer being a "victim."

Accepting the idea that you are 100% responsible for the results you're experiencing in your life--and your business--can be hard. It took me a while to finally understand and accept. But once I did, it started changing everything for me. ... (read more...)

The Birth & Mission of MMM!

Welcome to the Marketing, Mindset & Manifesting blog! My mission is to educate and equip new and established entrepreneurs and small business owners with the ability to serve more clients, make more money and have more ease in building their businesses. Each blog post will have the goal of expanding your awareness about and tips to use one or more of the 3 key areas I teach clients (Marketing, Mindset, and Manifestation) to create business success more easily. ... (read more...)